12/16/18 3:20PM

So SO brave to be a misandrist asshole on a Gawker site! It IS unique to the male gender to be manipulative! You is the smart!

12/16/18 2:48PM

As someone who suffers from BPD so has some insight I suggest you do some research before you start flapping your gums about something you know nothing about

12/16/18 2:43PM

let’s keep in mind that applying logic to to the actions of those who suffer from serious mental illness issues is fucking stupid.

12/16/18 1:46PM

For the longest time, we have pretended that “snark” is some kind of good thing, and generally “being ironic,” and all of the other euphemisms we use for being assholes to other people. Read more

11/29/18 7:58AM

While I’m still bitter that Godzilla (2014) killed off Bryan Cranston’s character a third of the way into the movie and how the film constantly cut away when the Kaijus were on screen, Kong: Skull Island has put me somewhat at ease that Legendary Pictures learned from that mistake. Read more

11/06/18 1:16PM

insane that people actually think this.  kanye is a sad story of a mentally unstable man who for the past two decades has changed what popular music sounds like several times over.  hes the most productive, most creative, and arguably best hip hop producer since premier.

11/05/18 5:31PM

All this still ignores the fact that Gwyneth Paltrow did it first in Shallow Hal.

11/05/18 2:41PM

Rebel Wilson is not just an actress. She is a businesswoman who has an eponymous clothing line marketed to plus-sized women. Even if you’re not interested in hearing what black women have to say on the subject at hand, as an entrepreneur presumably trying to grow a business catering to plus-sized women, it seems Read more

11/05/18 2:35PM

“And so it is, thou shalt block the brown people whomst accost thee on the internet, for thou canst not call the authorities on them” - 1st Becky 1:6

10/17/18 2:08PM

Why do we hate Ryan Reynolds? Is it because he’s managed to make a successful career off of medium Hollywood talent and good looks? Why do people get so angry when others are successful?

10/17/18 12:44PM

She needs to stop trying to give her husband his big break by starring in movies he’s written or directed. Everything she’s done with him lately (Tammy, The Boss, and Life of the Party) has been awful. She’s tanking her career to try and help his. 

10/11/18 2:28AM

Of course a piece of media can have a stance. South Park has always had an “other people are idiots” stance (granted, I haven’t watched in years). Modern family has a "family is everything" stance. Law and Order SVU has a "rape is never okay" stance. Etc.

10/08/18 2:05PM

I’d even take it a step farther and say they’re upset they cant’ make *bad* gay jokes anymore. Read more

10/08/18 1:21PM

Yeah. The bulk of the “political correctness” comes down to “please don’t be an asshole to LBGT, women and minorities.” If people get all worked up about that, then maybe they should look at why they’re getting upset they can’t make gay jokes anymore.