Jun 18 2018

I was sooo confused at first about Brandon Lee dissing his father from the afterlife. Also wondering why he has this opinion about Bruce Lee.

Jun 13 2018

What seems odd to me is what a high end resort gains from having influencers stay at their hotels? They appear to be so exclusive and typically all booked up that they barely even spend money on traditional advertising. What’s to be gained by having someone come stay for free just to advertise to Instagram’s core Read more

Jun 13 2018

How many of the followers of these “influencers” can actually afford to visit these luxury resorts themselves? The answer: none of them. Well, not without permission from mom and dad.

Jun 13 2018

This is just cruel. This woman just literally put her life on the line for them to have a child, and instead of thanking her, they insult such a private part of her body and show it on TV against her wishes. What assholes.

Jun 11 2018

My parents knew each other for two weeks before they got married. They were married for 66 years. Read more

May 15 2018

At one time when I was walking, I had Lulu, I told Lulu, “Lulu I don’t feel good,” and she would say, “What’s wrong? I have to go to the bathroom.” Read more

Apr 11 2018

True. But don’t forget that they also refused to take down video of a girl being raped on a bathroom floor. And posted some of the stolen images from the fappening, not a link, the actual images. Outed a private individual. Etc., etc.

Mar 28 2018

“The big places that actually serve unethically sourced meat won’t listen to us so we are attacking the mom and pop place that serves ethically harvested meat.” Read more

Mar 28 2018

Even if you believe humane meat is a myth, you’d have to be pretty dense as an animal rights activist to act as it is merely one or the other. It might not be humane, but it is far less inhumane then industrial farming practices. And I don’t think you protest McDonalds to make McDonalds listen—you do it to make their Read more

Mar 28 2018

It’s people like this (the protesters) that give the rest of us calm, rational vegans a bad name. Shouting at someone is the absolute worst way to get anyone to see your point of view, and they are doing much more harm than good when it comes to animal rights. Groups like this just do these stunts to make headlines, Read more

Mar 28 2018

“I just wanted to have that dialogue about families torn apart by the election and their political differences of opinion and how we handle it.” Read more

Mar 28 2018

I just don’t see Roseanne Connor as a Trump supporter. Would she really be ok with Trumps, or Republicans, attitude towards LGBTQ people considering her support of one of her best friends coming out and how she tells off her husband for being weirded out by it? I don’t buy it.

Mar 21 2018

That fucking Gotye song is from SEVEN years ago?!? Jesus, I feel old. That said, people who stan for Aubrey O’Day need to reconsider their choices in life

Mar 21 2018

I mean, I liked “somebody that I used to know”, but who in their right mind heard it everywhere and was like “yes, we need more of this song”? I felt like I needed at least a 10 year break to appreciate it again.

Mar 5 2018

To me, the issue is that it’s not traumatizing to be called a boy or a girl. The issue is when, as a young child, a girl wants to to something and you say, “No that’s for boys” or a boy wants to do something and you go, “That’s a girl thing!” Read more

Nov 17 2013

I agree. It starts somewhere. I caught my niece calling this totally normal young lady ugly and it broke my heart and what is worse is that her mom was laughing right along with her. This is a niece who is really unsure of her looks which makes it even more depressing. I just do not get it. To me, ugly has always been Read more

Nov 8 2013

Do parents really do that? I have been around a lot of babies in my life and never have any of their parents tried to shove them down my throat or go crazy over their looks. If anything they are just exhausted and desperate for me to hold them so that thy can get a little rest. What kind of person goes on and on about Read more

Nov 8 2013

It's a power trip. Looks have high importance in the social capital game, and making fun of others' is a way to assert your rightful place in the hierarchy.