Jul 11

Who largely takes the experts statements and rewords them.  While discounting the expert.

Jul 10

I’ve got a bone stock near mint 2006 in red that I drive as much as I can in the warm months... people love these cars. I’m sure he’ll get his 12K for it. While I don’t like the exterior mods, I can see where someone would. Read more

Jul 3

There was a “Making of” video on HBO in the late 80's/early 90's that actually showed them recording that sound.  It was one of the first behind-the-scenes shows I had ever seen and I was fascinated.  They showed how a bunch of other sounds were made but that one always stuck with me.

Jun 24

I know several long term Tesla owners and while one or two have had issues, they were typically something fairly benign and fixed quickly. Read more

Jun 23

First thing my brain did when I saw this was to wonder how it sounds.

Jun 18

Just bear in mind, fellow readers, that if David Tracy has a fire sale, the operative word is, “Fire” and not, “Sale”

Jun 13

I don’t have a facebook or instagram account and played the video just fine.  Maybe he added it later?  Ad blocker going nuts?  Aliens?

Jun 11

Pretty crappy that Ford booted TFLC, since it’s sort of reasonable that Ford leaked this stuff themselves to build hype and attention for the event.

Jun 7

I’ve lived in a “Front plate state” my whole life... and I’ve never had one or had problems as a result.  I custom ordered a car once and “NO FRONT PLATE HOLDER” was on the order.  This is something the dealer would attached by drilling holes in the bumper.  Which they did.  I refused the car... like the article Read more

Jun 1

I think a lot of people would have been disappointed/annoyed/angry at the plot twist that, effectively, says it was all a dream. Or the imaginings of an autistic child (ER). Read more

May 26

If you only keep the car a few years and trade it in to a dealer, I doubt they’ll care.  Carmax won’t care, either.   Read more

May 21

Probably do some maintenance on the S2000, replace TCT, check valve clearances, fluid changes, tighten rear axle nut. Read more

May 17

What’s your position that you’re focused on the democrats view, when this was much more broadly caused by republicans? Read more

May 13

I have a close friend who lives near the Tesla factory in Fremont.  Anyone who says they had a total shutdown is wrong - lots of things stayed open, including lots of things that weren’t supposed to; I’m in CT and see the same here.  I’d love to see details of what was enforced and why.