Jun 30

Maybe, get this, looks are subjective? Did you ever think that maybe you’re just in the minority? Which is totally fine, of course. I like the first gen Infiniti M class but I know that car’s not for everybody. Read more

Jun 19

When the steam engine was invented, I have no doubt you would have yelled to the wind that horses were just fine for a thousand years, and that the carriage is the backbone of society! Read more

May 31

Fuck 12 and everyone who supports them. If someone uses a vehicle as a weapon I hope someone else stands their ground and puts a bullet through their windshield. If you think you need to drive through a protest, don’t. Go around. Park and walk if you got to. And if an angry mob surrounds your vehicle then beg for Read more

May 19

Big shocker. If Jag wants to race, I suggest an XF in WEC or DTM. If they had more dollars I would say return to Le Mans, relive the magic of their GroupC days...but touring car racing is cheaper. Would love to see their brutal V8s tear it up alongside Bentleys,  Ferraris, Porsches.

Oct 8 2018

Will we love this long time, or will it suckie suckie?

Aug 7 2018

Take my star. Every car seems to be gray, beige/tan, white, or black.

Jun 24 2018

If half the field ran the race clockwise, and the other half counter-clockwise, I imagine that would make things much more exciting.

Jun 21 2018

holy hell that narration was like if the host of You Don’t Know Jack was hired to do Dateline. My ears wanted to jump off my head into the paper shredder