Sep 7

Dammit. I was counting on the next season of Venture Brothers to take the sting out of the first year of the Ivanka Trump administration. Read more

Aug 14

Reading the comments in articles like these usually make me cringe because it’s literally never, “wow I understand how you could feel that way and I hope we can get to a place where we no longer have to keep making concessions for the greater good.” It honestly always comes off a bit “how dare you not know your place” Read more

Jun 3

They mentioned Mick’s time as Chronos. I thought the show had forgotten about that.

Jun 3

I was really skeptical about Mick’s story line at the start of the season. He was burdened with one of those TV “we are out of ideas” ideas - a daughter he didn’t know he had. Starting with the Dyonasis episode they managed to pay it off with some solid character development and an actual role for the “surprise Read more

Jun 1

First viral video? My god, children, no.  No no no.  Did you even consider talking to anyone over the age of 40? Read more

Mar 24

This is an absolutely ludicrous take, especially given the fact that we know the ending: isolationism was a hopelessly naive and misguided attitude that, had it remained U.S. policy, would have led to an absolutely nightmarish outcome for world history. Read more

Mar 16

Don't worry, they are just being counterproductive assholes. Just imagine the article where they'd be falling over themselves to praise Bernie if he'd done the same thing.