Nov 25 2016

you’re just a regular douche

you’re just a regular douche

Nov 15 2016

Nobody remembers this, not even the British. Famously, a British general walking through the newly built Pentagon with Eisenhower during WWII saw a painting of the burning of Washington, and exclaimed “My God, did the Mexicans do that?” and Eisenhower replied, “No, you did.” Read more

Nov 14 2016

Native American people will disagree with the unsettled and unexplored description of the Louisiana Territory.

Oct 31 2016

If you think i’m going to a country where the majority of people don’t know yous isn’t a fucking word yous are nuts.

Oct 27 2016

Yup. It’s been the strategy of conservatives for years. Pepper some personal attacks in, and you’ve got the entire GOP support base.

Aug 14 2016

Awwww. Do you not like it when women don’t follow the rules that you think they should live by? I mean, how dare they not conform to your ideal of how they should act.

Aug 9 2016

This was our recent trip (flew into Phoenix from the east coast):

Jul 5 2016

I’m gonna sound pedantic about this, but it isn’t powered by an arduino... It is controlled by one. Read more

Apr 6 2016

2.3Tb of proof isn’t enough I guess. Hiding your income behind empty corporations that has no activity in the country where the money was made is legal?

Apr 5 2016

I had the privilege of visiting Cairo (proposed to my fiance in front of the pyramids) and Sharm-El-Sheik last July, and I’ve got to say i’m absolutely heartbroken by these pictures.

The terror threats had already decimated tourism by the time we arrived in Sharm, but it has the most majestic coastline I have ever Read more

Mar 27 2016

+1 for Canada, especially if you can drive and skip the plane ticket.

Mar 25 2016

1.5 million people bought pet rocks.

Sales numbers and adoption don’t necessarily dictate that it’s successful in meeting a user’s needs. Instead, people might be buying hoping it will radically change their lives, ipod/iphone halo effect, or because they’re simply early adopters. When the sales numbers are combined Read more

Mar 25 2016

There is no need for a watch that does some of what your phone does but to a lesser capacity for virtually the same price. Read more

Mar 25 2016

You can pick up an LG G Watch for $50-60 on a pretty regular basis now, and it will do pretty much anything any other android wear watch would do. I’m pretty pleased with mine.

Mar 18 2016

That’s simply how physics works. A run-of-the mill battery - a pos and neg electrode and the “goo” that make the electricity - can only ever produce about 1.5 volts so 6 batteries connected in series (pos to neg to pos to neg) yields 6*1.5 = 9v. Read more

Jan 25 2016

Word. Couldn't have said it better. Cheers.