Major Malfunction
Nov 12

Just a shame that it’s only a luxury truck instead of, you know, a truck. I mean, the bed length is only 4'7". This is a lifestyle accessory for people making a comfortable six figures, not a useful vehicle for getting shit done. It’s a truck costume, for posing only.

Nov 12

Just with those package names you know these are going to be exclusively bought by SV type 35 year olds to drive to Yosemite twice a year and street park in San Jose.  

Sep 15

3rd Gear: The violent crime rate in Minneapolis has exploded since the George Floyd demonstrations. For example, homicides through the first 8 months of the year have already exceeded last year’s total. Read more

May 19

Come on my Harbor Freight pacemaker is just as good as —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-sorry kinda passed out on the keyboard again

Mar 11 2020

It makes me sad that people like you frequent this website :(

Feb 4 2020

I mean this writer in particular lives in NY, rarely drives, and is incapable of changing a light bulb. Of couse he hates big stupid trucks

Feb 4 2020

If you missed the last couple decades, journalism and print media are dead, blogging and opinions (well, opinion, singular. Only the ones approved by the residents of NYC and LA) are in! Facts are dumb, and if your needs are different than the residents of those 2 cities, you’re racist and hate science (that doesn’t Read more

Dec 13 2019

If you believe it's going to be realistically possible to buy a cybertruck for under 40k I've got some real estate on Mars you might be interested in.

Dec 13 2019

Im currently back in rural Middle Tennessee on a work thing, and one of my clients brought up the CYBERTRUCK. He currently owns a Nissan Diesel pickup, as he is a Nissan employee here at their headquarters. Read more

Nov 26 2019

If you find out that she can back up a four wheel hay wagon ... run, do not walk, to the nearest chapel.

Nov 22 2019

This exactly. A quick estimate puts the steel skin easily in the neighborhood of 1200 pounds, not including the chassis or huge glass panels. With that ramp, that’s a 300 pound tailgate EASY.

This is a flashy concept, full stop.

Nov 18 2019

Dear god.. that is NOT how game streaming works, your level of ignorance is staggering here (don’t get me wrong, I hate everything about Stadia and game streaming services, but what you said is 100% false in every regard). Read more