Dec 1

Yes, thank you for taking the time to get more clarification—I appreciate that. I am so bothered by that situation I am not at my most coherent. I have a fleabag-level sense of humor and bawdiness. What this guys was doing was just outright harassment and an extremely demeaning attitude towards women. Read more

Nov 30

I think it was what you said: “it’s about the entitlement” that made me think of this. He thought he could behave in any way he wanted, an entitled man that was used to sexually harassing women and if he was ever challenged, he’d hold his hands up, palms up, and say, IT’S A JOKE! JEESH! and I just was trying to not Read more

Nov 30

I am so so so so mad at MYSELF because I put up with a “charming” married candidate who made constant inappropriate sexual innuendos to me allllll the time while we were both campaigning. I ignored it, rolled my eyes and did a stilted ha ha every time he’d say something and when I didn’t respond how he wanted, he’d Read more

Nov 9

I used to love him...before he got in the race and started showing his ass. And now, I had to shove his damn book in a drawer so I don’t see that smugmug on my shelves.

Nov 9

Fuuuuuuuuuuuck Mayor Pete. His comments about her in this article make fire shoot out of my eyes.

Oct 13 2019

YES to teaching kids to be fucking rude! I have kids that attract a lot of attention. That is not just me being a braggy Mom: they are simply open, lovely kiddos and have some ineffable quality that attracts attention. So I have taught them to be fucking rude when some man is giving them too much attention or asking Read more

Oct 12 2019

This is my recurring nightmare as well and it’s the only one that gives me shivers when I’m awake, too. Read more

Oct 8 2019

Thank you so very much for this comment! It takes a lot of energy and sometimes courage to be direct, and it feels so undervalued, so I appreciate you saying this. And oftentimes—you get attacked or vilified for saying it out loud. Read more

Oct 7 2019

<just  came here to say that I am so so so so so damn excited for those spooky stories to get here>

Oct 6 2019

I love this! And you have a great best friend and you ARE a great best friend because you appreciate her! Read more

Oct 5 2019

Thank you, Basic Witch. I think I am and I just hate it when people take but don’t give. It really chaps my ass.