Oct 11 2017

Women edition: (1)Visible signs of baby powder on the chest... Neck...Collarbone... Damned near on the ears. Bonus Points, if they wore a pair of overall-short set, a body suit and gold anklets on each ankle. (2) Black eyeliner around the lips with the Wet & Wild, red lipstick. (3) For the teens: straight bangs with Read more

Sep 28 2017

Actually, greens are African and hamhocks are really only used in this hemisphere.. grits aren’t Southern.. Indigenous folks with corn as a staple made grits.. maizena.. etc.. Gravy isn’t Southern more than it’s English food adopted by black folks because slavery... so do you need my paypal information for this Read more

Sep 28 2017

I’m riding with you on the runny eggs and grits. The rest.... umm.... Te amo mucho negra?

Sep 21 2017

4. Has one of those jobs where you don’t really have to interact with white people at work if you don’t want to if it’s one of those “Yeah, I just can’t with white people this week” weeks privilege Read more

May 15 2017

I can confirm it is totally true. I-95 in the Bronx, and I-295 (clear view expw) are chock full of cops. They are always writing tickets. Sometimes, there is a line of two police cars with two victim cars, writing tickets independently in the same spot. Read more

May 15 2017

Here’s an opinion. The infighting between Cuomo and DeBlasio is so bad it’s indirectly the plurality factor in my decision to move out of state. Cuomo in particular is obsessed with making New Yorkers miserable from outright cuts, to shifting MTA budgets from maintenance to capital construction, to useless pet Read more

May 15 2017

To sum it up, two politicians enter into a dick swinging contest, regular citizens are the losers yet again. Seems like this could be the synopsis of basically every political story.

Nov 13 2016

This is why when cops murder someone, they never go to jail. The other officers will never ever turn in their fellow gang members.

Nov 8 2016

The finest military the world has ever seen. Nukes. Aircraft carriers. Mighty ships, planes, tanks, and mighter men and women, fearless in battle against any foe. And so our leaders are now protected by humble sand-filled shit wagons. The irony, and the blessed humility of it all. Stunning. Poetic.

Oct 18 2016

So great to finally read a review that isn’t 90% regurgitated press release. Honesty like this is so hard to find these days.

Oct 18 2016

And here, friends, we see the attitude that brings us candidates like Trump.

Jul 30 2016

Me too. Am I wrong in thinking some hyper sensitivity on the owner’s part?

Jul 30 2016

Seems like a random 5 minutes test drive to me... A couple of short accelerations to test the car and back in the shop.

Jul 28 2016

Cool. Now when is BMW going to pull those misleading “Ulitmate Driving Machine” advertisements?