Oct 19

WTF is you issue exactly? It’s a small business owner saying that we need a plan to deal with the pandemic so that it is safe to open again. JFC

Oct 15

Yeah that’s unfortunate. I really liked her but yeah, recently she seems to just rage over everything. And when I mean everything, I mean stuff like the Charmed reboot.

Oct 14

Combs’ response is right out of the Karen playbook. just not right, honestly.

Oct 13

This isn’t a bike for riding. It’s a bike for pulling up at a car show, revving the engine loudly as you slowly back it off the trailer and very carefully shepherd it to where you’re displaying it, setting up a print in a $30 frame that shows the build process, and parking your butt in a folding chair hoping that Read more

Oct 9

I watched Jason X a few months ago and I LOVED IT. Much more than any of the rest of the saga.

Oct 3

If you grew up with this movie and have a soft spot for it then by all means enjoy watching it AT HOME. As someone with a pretty high tolerance for dumb, innocent Halloween fare...jesus this movie is truly fucking awful.

Sep 18

I am just going to say this but she should have retired in 2014 when the Dems still held the Senate and she knew she had end stage pancreatic cancer. She was an icon but that doesn’t mean she didn’t fuck us totally by not stepping down. 

Sep 16

Why do people think the Gwen-Blake relationship is fake? Sure, I never understood it but that aside I wondered if I missed information that pointed to actual fakeness. Can anyone tell me? Thank you.

Sep 12

I think Gunn might’ve had to fight a little with the producers to get Kaufman a cameo in the first Guardians.

Sep 10

I’m more of an SSX 3 guy, but yeah, Tricky (or 3! Or both!) with this treatment, please take my money.

Sep 9

A tremendous film, a terrific drama / thriller but with some truly hilarious scenes, such as Detective Park’s somewhat unexpected reaction when he first meets Detective Seo, the cop sent from Seoul. But for all the humour it is still a very grim thriller, with a terrific, dark climax and that crushing, haunting denouem Read more