Crazy Buffet in Orlando has one of these. It was the first time I had seen anything like it. Read more

Would USB support a refresh rate that wouldnt' make you go blind? Read more

Love the pics!!! Would never buy that phone, but I might visit the vendor booth... eheh Read more

They take O&A, now we can't even get our Ron & Fez. Read more

Do the kids even need laptops? Are they really going to be learning any more than if the money was spent on teachers and equipment? Read more

Great review, makes me sad that I am shopping for a ~$500 projecter, and can't even fathom 3g's on one... Would love it though. Read more

There is no such thing as useless Sonic Screwdriver Trivia!!! Read more

Imagine the pR0n at the speed of 4 processors... wow... Read more

And don't think that electric cars are green. Over all they produce teh same amount of evil pollution as any other car. That power has to be generated somewhere. So instead of popping out the exhaust, there is a huge freaking coal fired plant chugging out fumes and CO2. This is california style green, just Read more

Picante? Is that Candian for Salsa? Read more

No... Flight Sim X!!! Then you would need a DUAL CPU Core 2 Quad... Read more

I am just thinking, How much will these laptops cost.. 5-6k? Read more

Stumies, you mean to say the cardboard didn't point and laugh at you? Read more

I was watching this Saturday and thinking... Not very funny. Read more

O&A are around. They have been on XM for 2 years, and they are broadcasting a morning show from NY in many markets. Read more

Umm, you do realize that XM added non-commercial channels when the Clear Channel ones when commercial, so that XM ended up with more music channels. You do understand, that means XM improved in that situation.. Right? Read more

Keighvin, I would have bought two of those at Woot, it killed me that I missed that Woot. Read more

The wifi function of the Zune is just about worthless. Ok, send me a silly song that I can only play 3 times?!?!? WTF, even if it isn't DRM'd, it will be limited to 3 times or 3 days, which ever comes first. Read more

AllofMP3 has a great interface. Is easy to use and is priced reasonably. If the American sites charged these prices, you couldn't justify piracy. Heck, sometimes, it wasn't even worth ripping my own CD because it was so cheap at Allofmp3. Read more

Looks great on my LG 8300 from Verizon. Like others have said, it loads very fast. Great job! Read more