Jan 6

I really hope the Dems learned a lesson from Ossoff’s comments about White Power Barbie campaigning with a Klansman—when they give you the means to torch them, lean into that shit and torch them.  Don’t be coy or think you’re taking the high road by not mentioning it because today’s GOP will NOT be coy or take the Read more

Jan 5

Well, he had to know there would be some push back. No? He thought everybody, including the 81,000,000 or so who voted for Biden/Harris, would just go “oh, OK.”
For real? What is wrong with these people? I’m looking at you Kellyanne (and George)-did you really think your dumbass defense of the Sexual Predator Who Lost Read more

Jan 5

What kind of idiot pokes the bear in the way Senator Hawley did over the weekend, then immediately goes home leaving his wife and newborn hanging in the breeze like this? And for what? Political theater? It would be one thing if he was actually standing up for some principle. He’s doing this to curry favor with Trump Read more

Jan 5

Can someone please open a noodle shop called Aunty Pho so that they can order a cease and desist anytime someone says antifa out loud?

Dec 27

Well, no. Vacationing in Mallorca with your rich American family does not make a Massachusetts prep school graduate named Hillary into someone who would say “How do you sayee in eengleesh ‘coocumber?’” It’s not like visiting your relatives in Georgia and coming back saying “ya’ll” for a week. Read more

Dec 18

Whenever I’ve been met with the ‘do your own research’ reply, I say “no, you’ve made your thesis statement, now prove it to me, CITE YOUR WORK”.  Almost always get back blank stares at that.

Dec 18

Any headline that begins “Petaluma Mom Influencer Katie” promises maximum levels of self-righteousness and tone-deafness. Her hat seals the deal.

Dec 17

When this is over you can throw and enormous summer party (this year or next). Have it catered and hire some taxis to take your friends home. You’ll have a great time and it’ll be less stressful than a whole wedding + reception anyway. Congratulations on your upcoming virtual wedding.

Dec 12

Thanks for this. The relentless pessimism is tiring and can be counterproductive. There were people several months ago certain that we’d never get a vaccine and the world as we knew would be gone forever. Now there’s the likelihood that low-risk groups can get the vaccine in the spring. I’m also more confident now that Read more

Dec 10

Literally from the source I cited just below written by a professor of architectural history at Northeastern University and author of multiple books about the history of American homes.   

Nov 4

So, it seems quite likely Biden will win over 50% of the popular vote. The fact that we are still sweating out the results of this election just demonstrates how fucked up and irredeemable the electoral college is. If Biden wins >50% of the popular vote and loses, that is a whole different ballgame than 2000 or 2016, Read more

Oct 30

I totally had the opposite reaction. NO ONE should have to go through pregnancy if they don’t want to. I know I’m preaching to the choir... but the first time I saw both of my kids they didn’t look like anything. My son was kind of just hanging there floating upside down like a gummy bear. He’s always been lazy, but I Read more

Oct 29

Someone on twitter called them the Frankenstein Project - a group of mad scientists that created the monster now rampaging throughout the countryside, who have picked up torches alongside the townsfolk to destroy their own creation. Read more

Oct 29

Her other words were far more improtant: “If these people don’t feel different, there are many more Trumps waiting in the wings (to take over)“.

Oct 23

I always feel like it’s being raised in a way or in a community that’s so insulated that you never question beliefs, and then are terrified by the prospect of that way of life being wrong or not being like that forever. I was raised in a devoutly Evangelical southern baptist household that was also devoutly Read more