Jul 31

But why would you ever keep 3-5 weeks of expenses in checking? I’ve got maybe 3 days in there, tops, at any point, and move money from savings when it’s needed.

Jul 28

I’m not sure how Britney Spears “escapes tabloid scrutiny” when it was shit like them publishing upskirt photos of her vag that helped fuel her breakdown in the first place. All of Kanye’s shit, we know because he puts it out there. He’s not being hounded by the press, he’s tweeting this shit from his bunker and then Read more

Jul 27

Would love to also see more coverage of all of the hard work abortion rights advocates are doing, and the many successes we are seeing. More people support abortion than not, would be great to see coverage reflect this!

Jul 16

I’ve worked all over the world. For the last 20 years, I’ve traveled between 50-75% of the time. But this is only my second time to live permanently outside of the USA. Read more

Jul 5

I don’t get this either, he’s a massive tool and a MAGA, which Biden supporter would switch on him as an alternative for Trump? Most Biden supporters are sick of their side.

Jul 2

I’m not sure how equating a woman who lied about being assualted with a woman who was actually sexually assaulted works. Mind explaining your logic? Read more

Jun 29

Holy shit. I was pretty sure this one would make it through. You know Trump is pissed. He’s stacked the deck and is still losing key cases.

Jun 17

Anyone that has a sobbing meltdown over waiting for fast food needs to have their gun removed and to have their fitness for duty evaluated. 

Jun 17

Love that she snuck in there that she did the mobile order so other people wouldn’t “pay for her stuff.” You know you’re in a trod-upon profession when people are always offering to pay for your shit. 

Jun 16

Wow. I had never seen that Alexander video. It’s not even the accosting and the assumption that he doesn’t live there (which are awful), but the way she’s explaining to him how basic things like property ownership and protest work. This is exactly the way I talk to my three year-old when he wants to know why he can’t Read more

Jun 9

In an unkind way I'm especially happy that Stassi lost the opportunity to have her big European destination wedding broadcast over multiple weeks on tv. 

Jun 9

I am one of the teachers who gave ‘personal information’. I didn’t receive a dress, but I got a coupon for 20% off. It was a letdown, but I’m not upset enough to file a lawsuit over a dress. The wording was poor and it was stupid of them to believe teachers wouldn’t jump at a freebie, but I don’t believe they were Read more

Jun 8

I think it’s just a lotta photoshop, tbh.

Jun 8

Schroeder and Doute are only speaking out because they lost sponsors aka income. They don’t care. They’re terrible people. Neither one of them has actually apologized privately/directly to Faith (according to Faith, who is the only believable person in this situation). They not only called the police on her, they Read more

Jun 4

If the group has 38,000 members, it doesn’t seem like a huge deal to try to have a couple dozens mod, tbh.

Jun 3

I live in DC and have been attending the protests all week, and the scariest thing to me is the presence of literal mercenary contractors mixed in with the police. They are driving around the city in unmarked SUVs and trucks, and are identifiable by their mismatched military style gear that doesn’t bear any Read more

Jun 2

Also, I’m not sure I’d call the wig-shitting threat a *micro*aggression. It seems pretty dang aggressive.