Here’s the thing I’ve always noticed about all these would be revolutionaries, new age philosophers, and people looking to “tell the truth” and/or “clear their name” who believe what they have to share is so important to the world. They’re never ones to put out their scribblings for free, even when they’re already Read more

See? There really are some perks of being you.
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Maybe the good State of Mississippi could claim eminent domain and preserve this as a monument to the horrific suffering of the Tills and the birth of The Civil Rights Movement? Read more

Yeah. The right to an attorney is a big deal. We absolutely need to fight the urge to equate a criminal defender as actually trying to help a criminal get away with crime (even though this is literally what happens). And I suppose if I was being charged with an icky sexual or child-related accusation I would Read more

The leopards are coming for all your faces, assholes. Read more

Pay attention to street harassment for your own safety: “Why don’t you just ignore it?”
Don’t pay attention to street harassment and get assaulted: “Why weren’t you paying attention?” Read more

Markle’s “seed” will “taint our royal family,” Read more

Especially given her current condition.
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This is an odd scenario, I’m sure the wife was shocked
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We have plenty to criticize that doesn’t go after her looks. Be better. Read more

Bradley Whitford is one of the good ones. In fact, he’d have voted for Obama for a third time if possible. Read more

Melania Trump has thoughts... Read more

You’re suggesting that the best way to respond to white male emtitlement is to legally entrench that entitlement. It wouldn’t make them any less racist or sexist, and would probably give them (us, I’m a white man) yet more reason to feel justified in their racism and sexism. Read more

We need to stop hating on the Trump supporters and Republicans in general.

He’ll just build a seawall. And France will pay for it. Read more

This is easy - start being honest about why people are getting fatter, which we don’t do. We’re working at the entirely wrong scale. Right now we (collectively) assume the only reason a person would be fat is because of the person. It’s 100% their fault. Or at the bare minimum 90%. The solution is get people to Read more

We aren’t saying lose weight. Just like tighten. Like get on a scale and whatever it says subtract from that. But like just focus on strength. Read more

Funny story, I once worked with this woman who tried to sell me on some MLM nonsense by telling me she could get me to love working out again and how much weight I could lose. I told her that I already enjoy working out and that just because I’m overweight doesn’t mean I don’t like to run. Concern trolls gonna concern

*Then pours another glass of wine and lights another cigarette.
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