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10:40 AM

Ya I am the same way with my Versa. I love looking at my sleep data though to be honest, it doesn’t do me much good. I know if I had good sleep or bad sleep by how I feel in the morning. All the data does is confirm what I already know intuitively. I dont actually USE it for anything other than thinking I could use Read more

12:51 AM

The address to the blog is It says “EARTHER” at the top of the page and all the posts are about earth and the environment. I think this post is relevant

1:11 PM

Counterpoint: Space is absolutely key to saving our species. Humanity is 100% doomed if it doesn’t figure out how to establish permanent habitats in space or on other planetary bodies. Being confined to one planet makes a species vulnerable or more vulnerable, just off the top of my head, to (1) asteroid/comet Read more

1:02 PM

eh, surviving 1 through 4, and 6 on Earth will be easier than maintaining a sustainable colony elsewhere. Read more

12:46 PM

If we need to modify our biology and our ecology to a degree that we become unrecognizable as the same species, which we would pretty much need to do to survive long-term in space, is that saving our species or just replacing our species with a bunch of similar ones? Or bifurcating humanity into the privileged few who Read more

12:41 PM

The sun’s expansion into a red giant? Really? That is literally *Carl Sagan voice* billions of years away.

12:53 PM

Hope you’d consider sharing if it was age appropriate for a 9-year old.  Fantastic review!

5:37 PM

Chris Burrows’ photographs you linked to early in the article to look gorgeous! Nature is downright magical, especially the things we can't see with our naked eyes.

10:03 AM

Mention of rare earths supply problems often leads to shrieking about China having the West over a barrel, so in a hopeless attempt to head that off: yes, the USA has rare earths. See Wikipedia: Mountain Pass rare earth mine. However, the Trump administration is so profoundly incompetent it managed to drag a strategic Read more

12:33 PM

I used to work as a sales person for one of the big three waste and recycling haulers and I can tell you this is right on the nose. People have crazy ideas about what goes in the recycle bin. I had a customer call to complain that our driver was moving stuff from the recycling bin to the trash in a attempt to increase Read more

7:51 PM

I’m on a DMAT team (Disaster Medical Assistance Team), one of DMORTs sister teams. These people are awesome and I’m so happy to see an article about the work they do. Usually, the medical teams are the ones getting all the praise and thanks, but what they do is just as important and they deserve to be recognized. When Read more

7:38 PM

I grew up in Paradise, but I haven’t lived there in a while. My family and friends were there during the Camp Fire though. I’m grateful for all the people who came from miles around to help. My mom said that she was able to get everything she needed after the fire really quickly because people were handing things out Read more

12:24 PM

This was incredibly interesting, thank you for the article and for DMORT’s work. 

1:01 PM

Nudibranchs are just great- my 2nd favorite group of sea critters (behind cuttlefish but edging out ctenphores). Read more

5:10 PM

I’m a woman now ten years deep into a climate change and climate-change adjacent career, and the amount of exclusivity in general at the international level is revolting. If you’re unaffiliated and want to attend COP, you basically have to be willing to professionally prostitute yourself in the hopes that someone will Read more

10:56 AM

...then have them watch: 2001- A Space Odyssey and then Europa Report to ensure that they have no desire to go there 🤔