Feb 5 2016

LOL a 4s. How quaint. I bet you have a beard and have corrected someone who called your trilby a fedora at least once. Oh and you don’t own a TV, not because you’re poor (you are) but because statement.

Nov 2 2015

Absolutely. It probably makes no sense on a purely sq. ft. per dollar basis (especially over the longer term). But the intangibles are appealing: who wouldn’t want to run their stealth startup from an old ocean liner, like some kind of Bond villain?

Oct 30 2015

First they want us to register our guns, now they want us to register our drones... what’s next? Register our gun drones?! Thanks Obama!

Aug 12 2015

It isn’t sneaky at all, but that misleading title generates more page views and sweet, sweet advertising dollars. All hail deceptive journalism!

Apr 27 2015

but, it does seem like a totally reasonable level of annoyance with an extra “d,” on a word . . .

Apr 19 2015

The ruling is a victory for Phua, but also for anyone who doesn’t fancy the idea that his Comcast repairman might actually be conducting a federal investigation. Read more

Mar 26 2015

Incorrect, the most American food ever is fried bald eagle eggs with a side of ketchup and freedom!

Mar 6 2015

The entire Metallica discography in response to Lars Ulrich crying over Napster

Jan 23 2015

Instead of jail, they should have made him manage a Thomas Kinkade gallery as punishment.