Rage of ManBearPig

I wonder what would happen if the next time you made a “Women List”, you didn’t bring up that the list is specifically about women. Just list them and leave it without drawing any extra attention to it.

For example, this headline for this list would be:
14 Directors Taking on Genre Movies We’re Excited to Watch”
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 I’m sure it’s wrong to suggest Kit Harrington is getting typecast.

Christ, do people think the Doomsday Clock is actually a real thing? Read more

Yeah I don’t want to come into work most days either...
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This is like eating a mediocre chicken sandwich at a restaurant and then demanding you also be allowed to eat the beaks and feathers. Read more

The only response.

That also means they like to put their head in other’s asses, so they are also asshats. Read more

ok...I am mentally 7 years old, so the thing that stuck out the most... Read more

You know, that there’s a reason for the bad tattoos doesn’t make them any less stupid looking. Read more

This article is missing some insults hurled at manbaby Dana White. He is terrible.
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You’re a genius surrounded by morons. Read more

A ship this size could put 37 clowns into space... Read more

How are people not getting this joke? What the fuck kind of sick world do we live in?

Its a technology demonstrator. Aka a test prototype. Read more

+1, it needs to be at least three times as big. Read more

Winner! Winner! Motherfucking winner! Read more