Jun 19 2018

Really Cecilia? That is your argument? Trivializing and ignoring reality? Very, very mature.

Jun 18 2018

It’s a videogame about two magical swords battling throughout the ages all the while corrupting their wielders and the stories of the people seeking those blades. But sure let’s focus on the fanservice part, which by the way also focuses on the male body but I’m sure that doesn’t get any lady here negatively Read more

Jun 18 2018

HOW you are still writing for kotaku?: are you fucking some of the owners of the page? because every fucking day you come here and do some feminist shitpost Read more

Jun 18 2018

Did you really reply to a genuine comment with this? Holy fuck have a conversation. Tell this person your opinion and why you think they are wrong. What in the actual fuck does making a joke do? It makes this the impact of this article so much less.

Jun 18 2018

You were quick to respond once but then stopped. What happened?

Jun 18 2018

When you can’t be right, may as well be condescending.

Jun 18 2018

Pretty sure that there is at least 20 cosplayers for about ANY anime/video game woman that prove that comment false. (the sweet summer child comment)

Jun 18 2018

I’m friends with a couple women who have that body type. Very slender, but fit, with DD or bigger breasts that are natural. That being said, at least two of them complain about back pain and have considered getting a reduction to alleviate said problem. Though to my knowledge, in the 4 years since I last saw them, Read more

Jun 18 2018

LOL. Come to Southern California and you will see how misinformed your snarky comment is.

Jun 18 2018

Quite a lot of people have similar body types in real life. Honestly this article in offense in many ways though.

Jun 18 2018

I kinda feel this is going the way of body shaming. There are women out here in real life that do have these body types. I get that sure there are scantily clad large breasted women fighting. But is it because of what they are wearing or the size of their breasts? Because I dont see anything wrong with this, same Read more

Jun 18 2018

Well, they’re not the only ones to use scantily clad women to attract interest.

Jun 11 2018

Luke, bless you for being the only shoe-literate person I know, cause I’d 100% miss these if it weren’t for these posts. Got my Nintendo Vans Sk8 shoes, these are gonna match them beautifully.

Jun 5 2018

Women in videogames are characters in a videogame, and thus come with no expectation of agency whatsoever, unless you’re implying that the singularity has arrived. Read more

Jun 5 2018

Tell me again how it is that Kotaku’s staff reconciles its constant bitching about the objectification of women in videogames while promoting this shit?

Jun 2 2018

Maybe it’s just me, but I read that last panel as “thank gawd, I’m not going to be a father.”