Kind of makes me think that corner did get messed, but he doesn’t want to admit it for reasons. Read more

Specifically, they went after the looms of owners who used them to speed up the pace of work without increased pay and those who had dangerous working conditions.  Read more

That is a mischaracterization of what happened.  Read more

no man what’s costing you big money is management and shareholders stealing the profits to put in their pockets. without unions there would just be more profits to the shareholder. do you think the cost cutting would actually trickle down to the customer price? you’ve been had.  Read more

Unions ruin the world. They pay good money if you are a part of one, but cost the rest of us big money. The service provided by union workers is no better than that of non union, yet costs 3 times as much and takes twice as long to complete. Unions should be abolished.   Read more

Exactly this. Use flashers when you’re at the end of a line of cars in a torrential rain storm where it’s likely a car otherwise wouldn’t see you until they’re dangerously close. Read more

I will use them in torrential downpours that decrease visibility down to only a few car lengths. That usually comes with a massive decrease in speeds, maybe down to 45 MPH in a 70 MPH speed limit area that normally has a traffic speed around 75. IMO, if you are going 30+ MPH slower than normal speeds, it warrants the Read more

This is just gaudy and tacky if you ask me. Nothing about this says “class” or “sophistication”. Including the wine fridge, watches, and pens makes it feel like this is trying way too hard. I like the idea of a boat tail design, but if you ask me, Mercedes did it better.

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ZPG!! We only have one and our kid only wants one. automakers sill crank out the 8 person crossovers and suvs.

I was just thinking of writing a comment about how Musk fans and Trump fans seem cut from the same weird cloth. Same cult of personality, anything is excusable, facts don’t matter approach. Just centered around rather different things, but disconnected from reality in similar ways. Read more

Motherfucker, PLEASE. The book isn’t anti-autonomous cars at all. I fucking WISH writing anti-Tesla articles made one tiny bit of difference on book sales. It doesn’t. And I’m not anti-Tesla. But if this is your reaction to this story, perhaps you should seek out your clergyperson or a trusted relative. Maybe a Read more

Queue the bootstrappers with life advice about him blowing $5 a month on music. Like a cup of coffee a month is the difference between having healthcare or down payment on a house.  Read more

What market are your kids falling into $13/hr jobs? In WV that’s what I got with a CS degree when I was starting out. Just curious, idk why you’d drive for a “living” either. Read more

Disrupt” basically means avoiding a particular law and pocketing the money you’d spend following it. Taxi companies have to meet standards that a rideshare doesn’t. Uber could have built a better taxi service, but make a lot more money not following taxi regulations. Read more

Man, that first screenshot is just pretty damning in my eyes as to how Uber and Lyft can not argue that drivers are not employees. They’re explicitly making you agree to a non-transparent, binding payment structure. You can’t see what adjustments they make, and those adjustments are considered final!

Another group of Silicon Valley VC dipshits looking to “disrupt” another industry ends up making a shit ton of money at the expense of the working poor. Again. Nothing else to see here.
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90% of millenials’ response to this article: