Harris Lue
Jan 4 2019

For some reason I can't help but think the outdoor shots would be much more appealing with a polarized lens.

Oct 3 2018

They finally figured out how to stop Jimmie Johnson by introducing stage racing. 

Oct 3 2018

Probably in response to Ford switching to Mustangs next year.  800 hp Mustangs surrounded by a crowd sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Oct 1 2018

That’s a shame, the third stage was packed full of entertainment. The stages could use a bit of tweaking but they do remind me of local short track heat races. Plus, as a long time fan, seeing the race broken up and forcing drivers to be competive the whole race is refreshing. I can count the number of races I’d end Read more

Sep 28 2018

I’ve heard some more unconfirmed info from people inside the nascar world. The truck is quite old, around 8 years old, which is part of why it’s not worth much. Harmon helped Anderson get into the truck series, possibly giving/selling him a truck to use. Also, Harmon supposedly owes both Newling & Anderson money. Read more

Sep 27 2018

For many of us, those were the cars of our youth that we lusted after. They were woven into the fabric of our lives and memories, and that makes them awesome. You can make objective statements about horsepower and other parameters, and pronounce those cars unfit by the standards you may set, but what is “cool” is Read more

Sep 27 2018

Is that what it’s called when drunk and on Ebay ?