Nov 17 2015

I know a lot of people will be sad to see Millihelen go. I’m wondering a bit about the fate of seemed

Jul 20 2015
Liquid diet recipes

My dovelettes, long story short, a friend of mine’s mother has a tumor in her throat and will be on a liquid diet

Apr 28 2015
Tailoring help

How difficult is it to have a boob seam taken down an inch or so? I got this dress from Modcloth to possibly wear to

Apr 10 2015

Over on the Drunkspin post, some guy pulled the "Craft beer guys, buy ladies fruit beer because they love it!" and

Feb 11 2015
Help me have nice things

So, I just bought a real person purse (my longstanding current purse is a canvas bag with owls on it and a giant

Jan 9 2015
On "turning 30"

So, I was just scrolling through my Facebook, and I came across this link, entitled "Turning 30: Described in Charts

Dec 10 2014
It's not that cold.

Let me start by saying that I lived in NYC for 5 years. I am familiar with not only the weather, but with the fact

Dec 3 2014

What in the fuck is with Hillary Crosley just spoiling the fuck out of shows that aired less than 24 hours ago?