Also, fuck Amy Pascal because her racism prevented us from having a Charlie’s Angel movie with Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Thandie Newton. 


The whole interview is extraordinary and I wish people will read it in its entirety. Thandie Newton’s work is incredible, she is so so talented. And her frankness and vulnerability in this interview is really something to behold. I hope she gets all the parts, wins all the awards, and writes her book.

Jun 26

On a road trip from the great white north down to Texas, my family of 4 stopped at a Whataburger for dinner after waiting at a family-style restaurant to be served, and instead ignored, for 45 minutes. My parents are brown and my sibling and I are white-passing — we were in northern Texas and it was one of my first Read more

Jun 24

yeaah... I skim read and got to the reiteration of “there was no real attempt to reckon with why we should consider other options” Read more

Jun 24

There are many shows, cited in this story, that draw attention to amazing world cuisines and the people behind them. The specific focus of this series is the specific foods that have crossed over to ‘American mainstream’ acceptance and are readily available in strip malls, food courts, etc. - in a form that is almost Read more

Jun 14

And her event dress is a colorful tube dress with puffy sleeves.  She must be just a master at negotiations.  

Jun 13

Anna Wintour has had the same haircut for a million years. How is someone who leads a fashion magazine doing that? People are supposed to take fashion cues from her? 

Jun 3

His insurrection Act bs has me shaking my head with some of the history I’ve brushed up on quickly. It has been quickly applied for natural disaster relief a few times. But mostly I see riots that get really bad. 1992 LA, 1968 Chicago, 1968 Baltimore, 1968 DC, 1967 Detroit. Discussions of the start of them aside, Read more

Jun 1

Has it occurred to anyone else that Trump isn’t doing anything because he doesn’t want the situation to calm down? I suspect he’s just fine with watching mostly Democratic cities burn while his supporters go berserk demanding martial law.

Jun 1

I’d go even further. It’s not that he won’t grow, though of course he won’t. It’s not even that he can’t, though of course he cannot. It’s that he was put in charge specifically because he won’t or can’t grow. Read more

May 28

Gah. The ickiest adoptions are the church-based “rescue” adoptions. And hey “dad”, ever heard of a will? What a meatball. 

May 28

When my uncle passed away several years ago my grandmother told me “Don’t you dare say he was adopted in that obituary! He was MY son!” He was seventy when he passed.

The “rehoming” of children makes me physically ill.

May 28

Note that these days, in many jurisdictions, it’s considered appropriate that a child’s entire history is shared with them from the earliest age. (Possibly not where you tell the child that the previous family thought they were “sullen”, but you’d give a version of the truth.) A lot of the issues that have come from Read more

May 28

Right??? I’m also adopted and my parents waited five years for me. FIVE FUCKING YEARS! I couldn’t have been more wanted or responsibly planned for. They applied for another child as soon as I was born because they knew how long it takes... My brother came along 18 mos after me and was basically the adoption equivalent Read more

May 28

My kids are adopted— my son has significant needs, so a few things: The terms gotcha day and rehome are terms used in adoption. I have 2 cats and I always cringe when the word “adopted” is used about animals. I love my cats— they are not children. In our house we don’t do gotcha day, we celebrate family day with an Read more

May 28

If they wanted to protect his privacy they could just, you know, not make a youtube video about him in the first place Read more