China is still a fascinating country, regardless of its leadership. Not sure how doing cool things on a cool road has anything to do with promoting the government of the country it’s in. Read more

Just take the Durango, put a 300 front clip on it and BOOM! Chrysler is saved.

No. Stance is dumb. Slammed is dumb. Lower it a bit to improve handling & fill the wheel wells. Dropping to the point the wheels are jammed up in the wells it looks dumb. 

I’m at the same place with this one. A Fiero that looked like a Fiero with that motor in it would be a hoot. The Fauxrarri treatment ruins it for me. It doesn’t help that the price is bonkers.  Read more

All replicas are pretty much automatically CP, except for the new Stratos, which can get it. Read more

Okay... sooooo... assuming this Mergio goes through, we will have an auto group with all these brands currently active: Read more

Uunfortunately that doesn’t ring true as the French have a long history of make cars with amazing ride quality and great handling ones as well. Read more

Henceforth known as “PSAFC’n shit” Read more

Literally just watched Jay Leno drive this on his show. He seemed to like the car, but wasn’t overly enthusiastic about it. Surprised that Ford hasn’t learned their lesson on DCTs, after the whole bullshit with the Focus / Fiesta transmissions. I’d rather have the 350R anyway, which costs less and the flat-plane V8 Read more

Every young person I know who is responsible and woke knows he needs to spend money on appreciating assets and retirement. Read more

It’s a hollow victory considering that the women that protested to make this a reality are still in prison, being tortured, have disappeared or have had to flee the country. Women driving is a good thing but it’s only a crumb that MBS has tossed out so that everyone will look the other way on his repressive, murderous Read more

Actually I find that to be one of the best listed. But I trend towards the less is more ethos. Read more

i kinda like this.  (white interior one)
Read more

A Corvette with a good interior would be far more revolutionary than making it mid-engined. Read more

Easy, C8 Corvette:

You missed a stellar opportunity to brand the Avalanche as “Schrodinger’s truck” instead of sometimes trucks. It’s impossible to know if an Avalanche is a truck without direct inspection. Read more

Hello!...Is it me you’re looking for?

There are some rather ignorant statements in this article, as well as an annoying tone of superiority. However, this one really grated my nerves: Read more