9:54 PM

You Fucken wild dumb, there are plenty of verses, that are straight Flama, for instance both her verses in “I AM YOUR LEADER”, the one in “LOW”, “ONLY”, “MAKE LOVE”, “NO FRAUDS”, “MONSTER”, “ALL EYES ON YOU”! That’s just a few of the top of my head! Smfh ........FUCKEN HATERS!!! ALL Y’ALL CAN EAT A DICK!!!!...... BYE Read more

9:34 PM

First off let me just throw this shit right out there, so there’s no Fucken Confusion, I Fuck wit Team MINAJ all day over Remy Ma and I’ll be the first to say that, I was dissappointed like a MF when she didn’t drop something in the first few days and even more so,  when she didn’t go Straight Street, and dismember Read more