Sep 11 2018

Hey fellow tribe members, how did your rabbis dunk on these fools?! Mine talked about community and us participating now more than ever. 

Jun 20 2018

Thank you for this post. We haven’t gotten much done at work this week because of this. We have been wondering how people are able to be reunited with their kids and how agonizing it would be to have to wait for months. What about the littles under 5? Will they remember their people?  Or the babies who were nursing? Read more

Apr 1 2017

His children. His children? He settled the claims for the sake of his children. Well. He’s a real goddamn American hero. This spotted, shriveled trout is such a piece of shit.

Apr 1 2017

That header photo tho. That craven fool’s face gives me the fucking creeps.

Mar 23 2017

Thanks dude. Thanks a lot. Thanks for making it harder for us the next time there is a legit threat.

Feb 26 2017

I know. It’s like they thought for a moment that the hate wasn’t still there, just simmering under the surface. Read more

Feb 26 2017

I panicked when I just saw this b/c my dad is buried at a cemetery in PHL. It’s not his cemetery but i’m still panicked b/c it doesn’t matter whose cemetery it is.

Feb 21 2017

Too little too late. He rode the white supremacist train to the WH and didn’t say shit about hate crimes. So I’m supposed to be all impressed when he says words about anti-semitism?  

Feb 4 2017

I wonder who is pulling the strings of this puppet judge? Oh, this so-called judge. Read more

Jan 29 2017

Bannon is our White Supremacist in Chief so I’m not surprised.

Jan 28 2017

We have a group chat going with links to donate and HELL YEAH ACLU. Thank you from 4 women in Chicagoland. We saw a sign at the match last weekend about not coming for the Muslims this time. For someone who lost ppl in Romania during the Shoah, this was so fucking scary.

Jan 23 2017

You kids and your liquid lipsticks. I tried, I really did. I’ll stick to my old fashioned bullets and lip balms. But I am a sucker for a volumizing mascara, so thanks for the rec!!

Jan 1 2017

I’ll say this, The Elusive Chantuese has dancers who are ride or die.