Dilly dally, shilly shally!! Read more

This is not what they meant about delving the bowels of the dungeon. Read more

“My friends and I were just talking about this game! It’s coming out soon! Why aren’t we more hyped about this?!?” Read more

In order to maximize their magical powers, spell casters need to wear skimpy clothing so that they... uh... can increase their exposure to aetherial light! Yeah, that's it! Read more

Virtual hugs all around. 🤗 Read more

During a high school report on Japan, I played the clip where Mei meets the little Totoros. After wrapping up, the class asked if they could watch the whole movie, which my teacher allowed. Introduce anime, watch Totoro, and spend a few days watching a movie - good times. Read more

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I put on my wizard hat and robe.” Read more

Cat with Hats? Definitely meant for Steam. Read more

Ah, the classics.

The 80s turned out the way it did because of the insanity that was Xanadu. Read more

Does anyone else hear Camel by Camel while reading this thread? Read more

You underestimate the power of R34. Read more

Work on the story quests, so that you move around. Accept quests with a Plus symbol because it usually unlocks something (dungeons, a class/job, mini games, etc), and find a free company (guild) to help when you need something. In time you’ll find some activity you enjoy (Mahjong , Triple Triad, and new classes for Read more

I’m hoping there’s a barn sized Twinkie in there... I’m also on a diet at the moment, so that may explain a few things. Read more

Trying to find just what you want to say and how to go about it is always the toughest. My kids like Calvin and Hobbes, but trying to make sure I use the right words so they’ll understand the humor behind the joke (and in Japanese) is quite the challenge. Read more

“It's a portable PC! ...but don't you dare treat it like one. The P stands for pipebomb." Read more