The pilots new call sign is “supply corps” Read more

I can think of two pilots being welcomed to the supply corps right now Read more

Correct. And that’s who flys off of the LHA’s. In fact, the USMC will be flying F35B’s off off the HMS Queen Elizabeth until the brits can get their shot together. Read more

It is controlling health care costs. Do you have any idea what the co-pay is for NORK radiation poisoning treatment? Read more

The 35s flying off Essex is the biggest game changer here. It takes the “harrier carrier” concept to a new level and effectively gives the USN an instant new carrier fleet on par with world carrier standards. Read more

Nothing stealth about the Burkes. They light up like a Christmas tree on radar. Read more

Having served in both the Navy and the merchant marine, I will comment that in this case the merchant ship was overtaking the Fitz, which would have them looking at a single white stern light as the only visible navigation light. Without using radar to corroborate the range, damn difficult to determine range and Read more

They were not running dark, just had all lights except the navigation lights on. This actually helps accentuate the navigation lights, it is a good practice. Read more

The even more unfathomable part, worse than the collision, is that the general alarm was not activated before the collision, if it had been, those guys would have been out of their berthing compartment in 90 seconds max. Read more

The guy was awarded the NAVY CROSS! Not the naval achievement medal ( which is an honor in itself), he was awarded the damn NAVY CROSS. Read more

Put Christmas doll next to wifi router.... Read more

Yes, and then in he most dastardly element of the entire conspiracy, they decided to name a first rate US Naval combatant after him.... Read more

The Navy Cross, such a second rate honor.... Read more

WTF ..... the man was awarded the Navy Cross. You think they hand those things out like candy? It is an incredible honor to receive this medal. Read more

Yes that’s right. We name warships after people to discriminate against them and ridicule their heritage. Read more

Yes exactly. We name ships after people as a sign of disrespect to their heritage. That’s your theory? Read more

You have no idea what you are talking about. The man was awarded the Navy Cross and has a US Naval surface combatant named in his honor. These are both among the very highest honors Americans can receive, and they are certainly not signs of discrimination or racism or whatever other public sins your brain is cooking Read more

And therefore they were not ready when they were invaded. And the French were not ready to be flanked, and the Brits were not ready to be overwhelmed. Read more