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Here’s a new teaser for Big Little Lies, the HBO limited series starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, Zoe Kravitz, Adam Scott, and Alexander Skarsgard.

I live in Savannah, and most areas here are under mandatory evacuation. That’s great, and I’d evacuate too if I could. Read more

Bad tempered hench-weasel. With mange. Read more

Britain is not ok! This is NOT OK.

Hollywood is the one dispensable part of the series. Mary Berry is a goddess,a dn Mel and Sua add humour and girl-mateyness / shoulders to cry on. Hollywood is nothing on his own: not funny, not sparky. Plus I haven’t forgiven him for shafting his wife when he went to the US and shafted his co-presenter .... Read more

His character on ER makes me rage nearly 90% of the time though. Smarmy ass know it all wanker. Read more

I can’t recommend the 8 podcast episodes that Oh No Ross and Carrie! did on Scientology, enough. I needed a summer job once and applied to work at a center - this was in 2000 before a lot of stuff was really out about them, but I knew they were insane. THAT was a fun experience and it’s been so great to see them be Read more

Excellent owl right here

For those who are wondering about Charlie Bear’s health and/or comfort, the linked story mentions the bride and groom are both veterinarians. I think he had a good time.

We had a beloved adorable goofball smell-roy chocolate lab that my dad named Mike (I wanted to name him Hershey. GET IT?). As an adult Mike weighed in, conservatively, at 130 pounds. His head measured slightly larger than a basketball, his bark would shake the rafters, and the only way he could move was to galumph. Read more

I’m honestly kind of astonished that people who are reasonably together (as I -- optimistically -- think of Jezebel writers as being) would think that a software service that they like a lot and which costs money to provide should necessarily be free. I mean, the people who wrote the software you apparently depend on Read more

Though I should also add some IT Crowd gifs to my repertoire.

Oh, this guy

My mom would be okay with this package

Look, I am just not that desperate for man-ass in my day-to-day. A guy’s gotta have more than just sweet cheeks to offer, you know? You want a guy you can take home to Mom, the whole package. Read more

“Taylor was the one to put the brakes on the relationship.”

this makes me incredibly happy