11/22/19 10:33AM

As someone who serves pigs in a blanket on almost every occasion, including brunches, I think you left out one key aspect of this 24 pigs in a blanket recipe: Serves 1.

10/08/19 11:24AM

I think that Pelosi should start fining them. The courts may eventually reject the fines, but most of them are not rich enough to be unconcerned about having a huge financial sword of Damocles hanging over their heads for months or years.

10/08/19 11:17AM

I’m guessing they’ll do a lot of hang wringing until they actually decide to just hold people in contempt. This is the obvious course of action. The problem is that these fucks don’t give a damn about being held in contempt either. 

10/06/19 9:47PM

Maybe there should be a certain age when you have to retake the bar exam to be a practicing attorney. You know, like old people and the driving exam.

6/23/16 12:56PM

I’m a bike shop manager and I read a lot of these kinds of articles. Most of them are a hopeless mess. This one is really pretty good, and the comments are useful. Kudos to everybody!

6/23/16 8:26AM

Yeah, I would second the comment about avoiding Target or Wal-Mart. Those are less expensive, but the quality isn’t as good, and damn those things are heavy. And really, they aren’t that much cheaper. Read more