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Feb 14 2017

Okay, but personally I don’t like going to the theater (the one where I live is a dirty craphole and the nice multiplex is an hour+ drive away), so I tend to wait for movies to come out on blu ray. So for me it’s a spoiler. Read more

Feb 14 2017

I’ve seen the movie, and so wasn’t affected, but you really should put a giant “SPOILER ALERT” in the headline! I know quite a few people who still haven’t seen Rogue One, and the display image kinda gives away a big part of it. Read more

Feb 6 2017

sooo.. you stopped playing it because you’re running the game at 90 FPS ? like.. what?

Jan 25 2017

I for one am absolutely disappointed in your narrow mindedness. I actually dislike the skin but the reaction on twitch chat during the skins reveal was extremely positive. This says that there is an actual crowd that wants it. Just because you can’t enjoy it does not mean they did a bad job. In fact, it’s the Read more

Jan 10 2017

I’m not sure the MASSIVE images of every single token is needed on the article! Other than that...good to know. I really dislike this idea by and large, incremental change is okay but going all the way and replacing all of them with potential rubbish like “hashtag”s and emojis? Eurgh. No. Stop. Read more

Dec 19 2016

Everyone I know who has no idea who Peter Cushing is or that he’s dead had no idea that it was CG. Whereas quite a few people found Leia unnerving (I keep hearing the term “doll”), but I honestly think they forget she was an anime-eyed, heavily-rouged, round-faced teenager in the first film. Honestly, both looked

Dec 9 2016

Did you really just say that. Metric is literally the standard EVERYWHERE professionally and almost everywhere (world wide). IT, Science, Medical, Military, etc all use metric as their standard unit of measurement, the only place that doesn’t use metric measurements are we, the Americans. Read more

Dec 9 2016

Can we please stop paying attention to this guy now? He literally lied to you and manipulated the gaming media for a week for his own benefit. You don’t have to write about him or his moronic band of followers ever again. Just ignore him.

Dec 2 2016

I like Felix as a person. I have no interest in Pewdiepie.
If he’s dropping the nonsense and acting more like himself, I may actually finally start watching....

Dec 2 2016

I’m hoping that through Guillermo Del Toro, Kojima gets a shot at actually making a movie. Because that’s what he’s always trying to do in the back of his mind as he makes his games.

Give him a chance to make a movie for Hollywood.

Because I want to see him fail and wake up to the fact that he’s not at Guilllermo’s Read more