Saturday 2:35PM

Jessica: Yeah. I mean, being nervous is sort of selfish sometimes. You know? Read more

5/27/21 2:22AM

I want Rita to have a happy ending.  She seems so lost, both in Gilead and Canada, and I hope they give her some happiness before the show ends.

5/26/21 9:12PM

Uh, as a Canadian that lives in Canada, that’s basically what Canada is.

5/26/21 12:09PM

june raping luke was... uncomfortable. i understand why but still?

4/21/21 7:25PM

And curly hair and braces? How can anyone bounce back from that??

4/21/21 4:55PM

I kinda dig it. If nothing else, they’re doing a good job nailing the mid 90s and the switch from bubblegum early 90s to grungy mid-90s culture. (I suppose a flash-forward would have the bubblegum pop back on the rise; can’t keep a good boy band down.) Read more

4/20/21 2:52PM

This show’s premise is absurd.  There is no WAY she’ll become popular wearing glasses.  

4/20/21 1:56PM

Me skimming the opening paragraph: Harley Quinn... oh, like Kevin Smith’s daughter. Wait, what was the last name? *scrolls up* Oh. Wait, if Kevin Smith’s daughter is old enough to be playing teenagers on TV, then she’s definitely not a teenager herself... *googles “Harley Quinn Smith”* My god, she’s 21. Read more

5/22/19 3:11PM

I’m setting the over/under at 15 years (assuming the novels are even done by then)

I mean... I know you’re right, but did you have to say it?