Apr 16

Seriously, the MCU’s version of Dan Crenshaw would be on the case to ensure he suffered no real repercussions pretty much immediately.

Apr 16

I mean really, seeing Walker lose the Cap job and his benefits that quickly threatened to nudge this show closer to sci-fi. 

Apr 16

Rosario Dawson’s character being beaten with a bat in Daredevil, Dr. Cho being hit with a battering ram in Age of Ultron, Raya being kicked in the chest and murdered in Jessica Jones....there’s likely more, I used to have a running list in my head because I was so shocked about it happening so often. It would always Read more

Apr 16

I’m trying to imagine her and Sam Jackson sparring on screen as former lovers.

Apr 16

It managed to really efficiently convey that, while not suicidal, Zemo does not ultimately care if he dies and the way he didn’t plead or anything when thinking Bucky was going to shoot him was so impressive.
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Apr 16

As a sidenote, wanted to add another awesome interaction from this episode. Bruhl did such a great job in that scene wtih Bucky which was also a really call back to his encounter with Black Panther in the Civil War film. It managed to really efficiently convey that, while not suicidal, Zemo does not ultimately care if Read more

Apr 16

While I really liked this episode and was glad to see the series bounce up from that horrific third episode, there were some minor things that frustrated me here. So let’s be negative. Read more

Apr 16

The pacing of this was a big shift from the previous so it could’ve been due to the shutdown; though personally, I liked that they went back smaller and slower-paced before the grand finale. But then, I could watch Sam and Bucky hanging out on the bayou trading quips all day and it would be more than enough for me. Read more

Apr 16

JLD finally playing a European old-money aristocrat, a role she was literally born to play. Rumor has it we should’ve met her before now. Read more

Apr 16

That warehouse to start the episode was fantastic with so many great moments. Especially the shot of the unmasked Walker with his blue eyes and blond hair looking crazed and screaming ‘I am Captain America’ was such a striking image. The way he took both Sam and Bucky also established him as that big threat to build Read more

Apr 16

this might be a hilariously naive question, but: did he pay for sex 150 different times with a handful of women, or did he pay for sex with 150 different women? Both numbers are kind of stunning, and I’m not a buyer of sex, so the idea that there are at least 150 different women offering sex for pay in his area of Read more

Apr 15

I’m in no way angry at paying sex workers. Just don’t do it with tax money and stop committing statutory rape. Read more

Oct 30 2014

Yeah, as nice as the visuals and music recordings were in the 1998 remake, I think ditching LucasArts iMuse system from the original release was a mistake. They should have kept it, at least as an option. I can't speak how highly of how awesome that was. Read more

Oct 29 2014

Because Tie Fighter was pretty much perfect. It was everything a space shooter ever needed to be. And still is. Read more

Oct 29 2014

You could also mention that the "Match Speed" button, will save your bacon like 80% of the time, when used properly. Also thanks for reminding me I'm an old man now lol.

Very good basic summary of this classic. No mention of the Emperor's "special" missions though?