Mrs Roper's Caftan
Sep 27 2019

Nothing will change but i, for one, am greatly enjoying the curtain being pulled back on the fact that money /= intelligence and/or worth. Read more

Aug 21 2019

Was this article supposed to make me feel sad that dog racing got shut down? I feel bad for the people who will lose their jobs but keeping people employed is not a good reason to continue to allow shitty things. It no different than when we try to pass clean air laws and people scream about how coal miners will lose Read more

Aug 19 2019

Meanwhile, Greta Thunberg is traveling across the Atlantic in a sailboat to avoid this very criticism, and she’s getting loads of shit for being a special snowflake.

Aug 19 2019

To me Leo is the worst offender. He’s made being an eco-warrior a part of his brand. Yet he’s constantly seen flying by private jet to party on a yacht with a bunch of friends and 20 year old supermodels. Environmental issues are a safe cause for rich white celebrities. You don’t have to interact with impoverished Read more

Jul 3 2019

This is exactly what conservatives do. She’s not able to defend her indefensible positions on things like children in cages being locked up or excusing racism, so she’s playing the victim card. Read more

Jul 3 2019

Everyone around you at work hates you and argues vociferously against your terrible views.  I know insight is difficult, but maybe you should consider a deep examination of your terrible views?

Jul 3 2019

John McCain’s daughter feels like a “caged animal”?  That’s real rich coming from someone whose party is literally locking people in cages and forcing them to drink out of toilets.

Jul 3 2019

If you want them to stop writing about The View, I suggest you click on all related articles and immediately engage with the content

Jun 16 2019

And as a citizen of IL, a state that gets very few things right, did get something right this month. Gov. Pritzer declared abortion to be a fundamental right, lifting restrictions on late-term abortions, mandating insurance coverage for abortions and contraceptives both. It’s the most expansive law in the nation, Read more

Jun 14 2019

Why would she crush someone she has more in common with (aside from being a capitalist) then go after Biden who stands for everything Warren dislikes?

Jun 5 2019

I like how people just decided, based on a few polls that didn’t talk to anyone under the age of 45 (or maybe not even that much information), that he’s THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN SAVE US. Read more

Jun 5 2019

bUt He’S tHe BeSt ChAnCe We HaVe To BeAt TrUmP!

FFS I hope the Democratic party succeeds in pulling it’s head out their collective ass so I don’t have to vote for this shitstain.

May 22 2019

Remember, everybody: the Mueller report totally exonerates him but we can’t see the whole thing because our minds will be blown by how hard he’s exonerated.

May 7 2019

Like I said in the piece, his actual policy proposals are either unimpressive and uninspiring compared to the rest of the Democratic field or they’re actively disappointing. I don’t think anyone has offered a strong reason to support Buttigieg in this primary season beyond “he’s smart and seems like a nice guy.” Read more

May 7 2019

The primary is going to primary. We're just wondering why he's getting more attention than women with actual policies? What does Pete stand for? 

May 3 2019

Jon McNaughton is the Ben Garrison of Thomas Kinkades.

May 3 2019

Yes, in this deeply corny joke, Barr was the no-show chicken, and Cohen proceeded to munch on it. Read more