It depends when you buy as well. I just picked up a new VW Golf with 0% financing through VW Finance. They’re trying to clear through all their 2018 stock before the 2019's hit the shores.
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Lots of people swap KLZE engines into these things. Definitely gives it a bit more oomph so such a small car.  Read more

That would drive me crazy, knowing there’s a patch of my car I can no longer access when I do a wash and wax job on it.
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Genuinely? Blame Mercedes. They’re the ones who got upset people were importing models and not buying them in the USA. Read more

Am Canadian. Can verify that this is a false assessment. Read more

Working in the tire industry, there are far too many cheap O/O’s or transport companies buying C-grade retread casings with a shitty tread design stamped on top. There are good tires out there right now that would be beneficial to better stopping and the like, but you first have to pony up the cash to buy them.
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I’m trying to do my part! I’m stuck in traffic in a bright blue hot hatch! Read more

Used to own an Alero. 99 or 00, dont quite remember. It actually wasn’t that bad of a car. Had decent power for what it was, and the interior felt slightly better than most of the other domestic offerings at the time. But it invariably started having tons of transmission and electrical issues, unsurprisingly. Vaguely Read more

It had been ten years since that happened. I meant to write that we left near Squamish, not Whistler lol Read more

I feel that guy’s pain. Trying to sell a car right now on CL/Kijiji. I know market value for my car and I’ve priced it under that and am even throwing in a set of barely used high end winter tires with it. The amount of people I get emailing me offering less than half the asking price is astounding, as are the people Read more

Went camping outside of Whistler one weekend and, after leaving the village, realized my fuel gauge was virtually on empty. I contemplated turning around but figured I’d have a better chance finding gas further down the mountain (turning around would have meant wasting more fuel trying to climb the mountain highway.) Read more

Yup, Concours people was going to be my vote.
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It also doesn’t help that a lot of history courses in high school in the USA gloss over the slavery aspect and focus on the other parts of the war. If you grew up learning that, then I can kinda understand why there are Confederate apologists who aren’t truly racist. Read more

And the fact that the doors still open up without issue is pretty amazing too. Interesting how far we’ve come in regards to structural integrity for the cabin.
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Or, you know, have a system that doesn’t allow for at-will employment... As someone who lives in a country that doesn’t have such a system, it boggles my mind why it’s such a thing. Read more

Perhaps. However, here’s some context. There are some major fires in BC right now, with many cities either under evacuation notice or even orders. Kamloops is currently the central hub for all of the evacuees, including farm animals. Tens of thousands of people have been displaced, with the majority of them ending in Read more

Except some models don’t have an available fix. And if those cars are subjected to emission tests down the road, will there be a grandfathered clause allowing them to stay on the road considering the known defect? Read more

What’s great is that even those on a pretty conservative site I occasionally peruse also loved the skit and McCarthy. See, even once in a while both parties can come together to laugh at something. Maybe don’t click anything else inside that link, though. Might get some people here riled up seeing their opinions on Read more

I’m pretty sure he was doing a bout of self deprecating humour when he linked to that video. I mean, even right in his bio he describes himself as a “Horrable speller.” 

There are lots of things to be critical of about the new presidency but this likely isn’t one of them.
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