Jul 8 2016

Watch these two dudes deflect one or two Roman candle blasts with lightsabers, but get pelted with others and completely miss most of them. Read more

Jun 30 2016

It’s odd to me that she’s become such a voice-over actress when, I mean... I didn’t think it was her voice that was selling tickets to her movies.

Jun 29 2016

Gender Norms =/= Homosexuality, she’s canonically Russian, not canonically homosexual, I assume thats why the writer focused on the facts rather than a fan’s interpretation. She very well could be somewhere in the LGBTQ spectrum, and I believe blizzard deliberately left that to interoperation. However I personally Read more

Jun 29 2016

Sounds like someone wants to pass through the Iris. And by “Iris” I mean..

Jun 29 2016

Christ, am I the only who doesn’t care about fictional character’s sexuality? I love Zarya and I love playing Zarya but until now I never once even thought about her sexuality. She's a badass who kicks ass and protects her team, this is awesome as is can we not sexualize it and just enjoy the fact that Zarya exists? Read more

Jun 26 2016

Nope. Stupid bitch was stupid again. Never thinks one step past what she wants this very moment.

I don’t think Jamie is excited at the prospect of Cersei on the Iron Throne.

Jun 26 2016

And Jon Snow would really have preferred to leave that post to Sansa so he could fend of the frostzombies

Jun 26 2016

This entire season has been one 10 week repeat of me saying “no THIS is the best episode they’ve ever done.” Read more

Jul 24 2015

is there oil there ?
then democracy goes first !!!