Sep 10

In the insta caption Quinn identifies as trans while making mention of non-binary identities as also deserving of respect, understanding and support. To me, this implies that Quinn definitively does not identify as a woman, and in that case I am a little uncomfortable with their taking space on a woman’s team. Read more

Sep 10

the person to start reading on this topic for some thoughtful, science-informed takes on this, and how complex an issue it is Read more

Aug 21

Gizmodo could do their bit by getting rid of the useless autoplaying videos, next they will be saying that Apple removing a game from the app store is also good news

Aug 17

He shot her in the face, why no attempted murder charge?

Jul 20

A loose meat sausage sandwich seems like a great idea. Was this a gag post or do you have a recipe? Lets make it happen.

Jul 20

Bedell remains unappeased. “There’s an abundance of products in their stores,” she told The New York Times, “and I think it’s still important — the petition remains important — because Trader Joe’s lacks the urgency needed in the current climate to remedy the issue.” Read more

Jul 15

Right? That photo above is like he watched Undercover Brother and thought it was a documentary.

Jul 15

I am ok with this. If the are attacking us, there is no reason we should not be doing the same.

Jul 15

Hunh, someone who married Mariah Carey and wears turbans has wild ideas and no sense of self-preservation?! Smh

Jul 15

“That’s our birthright. We are the true Hebrews.” Read more

Jul 13

Well, that’s not terrible.  Be better if they just declared it to be a utility, like electricity and such.

Jul 11

40% *reported* domestic abuse.

Jul 11

F#%k these whiny babies. You know who legitimately has a right to claim PTSD, the photojournalist they blinded by aiming rubber bullets at her face

Jul 11

“I’m seeing PTSD symptoms of officers with highly diminished capacity to live and socialize, extraordinary rates of divorce, and alcohol dependency – just to cope,” he said in a statement. “It is an emotional crisis that cannot and should not continue.” Read more

Jul 10

Fuck this guy, too. Shooting a music video at a BLM protest, he’s not exactly principled.

Jul 8

yeah that he designed something he’d need 30 years later is quite the fluke.

Jul 7

this just seemed like an equally abusive duo, with probably a lot of substances fuelling the abuse (and this isn’t demonizing substance abuse, I understand all too well their power over your actions however). The narrative needs to recognize that both parties seem to have a lot of evidence stacked against each other, Read more

Jul 6

You were not the only one.

Jul 3

Hello Jason, one of your Brazilian readers here.