Jul 31

I wish they had done more with the confetti. Filling in all the holes was pretty straight forward, so by the time I got the 4th streamer, I had almost all of them, so the confetti became effectively useless. I feel like they should have made it so you get confetti from battles, and only from battles (which would have Read more

Jul 30

Reduce the width of the window some and it will show up as one article. About half the width does it for me and that does not affect the reading experience since G/O uses so much ad space on either side.  You may have to reload to get the pictures.

Jul 30

I am really interested in this article, because I too am addicted to salt snacks, but I cannot in good conscience go through the nonsense of the slideshow format.  Why is this here?

Jul 27

Nice!  Fall Guys looks like exactly the kind of game I want to get out of a service like PSN+.

Jul 27

Yay, another jingoistic military shooter! We definitely haven’t gotten a ton of those in the past year of PS+!

Jul 23

Ok, you all realize that that’s a composite image, right? The photographer selected the exposures which had a satellite pass through it and stacked them on top of one another. He could just as easily have selected the ones that didn’t have a satellite. Read more

Jul 23

Was it “Twilight Princess” where Nintendo had to put an actual channel on the Wii to patch a game-breaking big?

Jul 20

Ring Fit Adventure. I’m not normally a fan of motion controls, but for that game, it works REALLY well. I mean, it kind of needs to work well, but still!

Jul 19

I’m a huge proponent of getting a roasted chicken, taking the meat off the bones to enjoy hot, and making stock with the carcass and bits while I eat dinner...then I have a wider variety for leftovers.

Jul 17

It’s actually fun I think. I’ve played maybe 4 hours and it’s already hard.

Jul 9

For me, regular Tajin is too salty. Fortunately, they make a habanero version that has a LITTLE more kick and a LOT less salt. The bottle is smaller than the regular one, but I find myself using less as well, so it evens out in the end. 

Jun 27

The sale price is right but looks big and clunky. Also, says it only supports up to a 32GB microsd. That’s very small, especially for 1080p video. My Anker dashcam happily uses a 128GB microsd.

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The sale price is right but looks big and clunky. Also, says it only supports up to a 32GB microsd. That’s very

Nov 29 2017

I have a thought for cocktail/mingle type parties- single serving cheeseballs. Use an ice cream or cookie scoop for smaller sizes. Have a set of tongs handy for people to put on their little plates with whatever you’re using for crackers/chips. Read more