Logansteno: Bought a VW?
Sep 11 2017

One of these things would make a damn excellent daily and no one will convince me otherwise. Despite being 6 years old at least, tons of these still come through the Buick/GMC dealer I work at so I’ve driven quite a few. They’re about the most comfortable car I’ve ever driven. Seats that could be mistaken for lounge Read more

Jul 16 2017

They’re just trying to figure out how to make the panel gaps and quality even worse than the S and X. Being that awful takes time.

Aug 30 2016

1998 M3. 163k hard miles. Black plasti-dipped wheels and roof. Ugly aftermarket headlights. Dash lit up like a Christmas tree. Craigslist ad with three blurry pictures. Being sold by someone who hadn’t even owned the car for two weeks. Read more

Jun 26 2016

It didn’t so much beat me as I gave up on it, but my recently departed 1998 M3 should fit the bill pretty well.

Mar 9 2016

I feel like there isn’t a certain thing that makes a car fun. My M3 is fun because it makes nice noises and handles like its on rails. At the same time my dad’s lifted Silverado is fun because of just how ridiculous it is to drive at eye level with semi drivers. Read more

Mar 9 2016

Getting people into EVs is gonna require the same thing it took to get people into gas powered vehicles a century ago. That is, a vehicle range, price, and infrastructure strong enough to justify them over other options. Back when the automobile itself was in its infant stages, it wasn’t much more than a rich person’s Read more

Feb 16 2016

Poorest automotive economic decision is also my favorite: My $3300 E36 M3 Sedan I bought with the $4,000 my parents so awesomely gave me to buy my “first” car with. After the initial $3300 purchase price another $1500 had to be put in it to get it road legal and drivable. Then there’s probably been close to another Read more

Feb 9 2016

My mom’s Mexican built Fusion has been back to the dealer more times in the last year for quality control issues than any other car my parents have owned in my lifetime. Maybe with this move they’ll take a second look at their factory QC standards down there. Probably not though.

Feb 8 2016

The big difference is you can play dance dance without having to go online and watch an instructional video on how to do it.

Feb 3 2016

It kinda makes a little sliver of sense. No buttons or rivets to scratch the paint or scuff the leather, comfortable, and cool under the metric fuckton of lights.

Dec 30 2015

Best: My ‘98 M3 I bought back in February. It’s just pure driving bliss and the power it makes feels just about perfect for me. Except the $1500 in work it needed initially and that one time it overheated on me I can’t think of a single better car I could’ve bought in my price range. I love it, even if it is an

Dec 14 2015

I know Europe gets it already, but here in the US I really want a 220i with a stick shift, manual cloth seats, no iDrive, and just simple power accessories like windows, locks, and mirrors. Take the brilliance that is the 2 series chassis and take it down to something cheap to buy (I imagine that would push the 2 into Read more

Jul 30 2015

Hmm... Take the solid engine and other needed bits out of my sedan with a meh-condition body, put them in this and have a one running, decent condition M3 with the early face and later engine. That might be the best worst idea ever.

Jul 28 2015

Some contractor pencils shoved in the rear armrest, various screws/nails littered throughout the cabin and trunk, and a screw driver under the back seat cushion. None of which I would have found weird if I bought a truck or SUV, but in a ‘98 M3 it’s a bit strange. Of all the cars to buy when you’re a construction Read more