Logansteno: Bought a VW?
Feb 15 2018
Sit Rep

This thing is still awesome. I should’ve given VW a chance sooner.

Feb 8 2018
I love this

I’m glad the yellow fog tint looks as good as I imagined it did when I impulse bought the sheets from Lamin-X at 1

Feb 4 2018
1,000 miles in the GTI

I bought the car two weeks ago and have already accumulated over 1,000 miles on it. I figured I’d put together some

Jan 30 2018

Car still has temp tags on it and I haven’t gotten all the paperwork for it yet and I have an appointment at the

Jan 21 2018
This thing is Awesome

I’ve owned the GTI less than 48 hours and I’ve put almost 300 miles on it going no place in particular. I just

Jan 20 2018
Yesterday was eventful

My truck was showing the starting signs of major engine problems (gfy active fuel management and mid-2000s GM for

Jan 14 2018
I Like It *shrug*

The 2019 Silverado, that is. I actually had more of a negative reaction when the 2014 was introduced than this model.

Dec 30 2017
Great Success!

After literal years of trying to convince my grandma to get a smaller car, she finally traded in her ‘02 Ram last

Nov 23 2017
See ya, stock speakers

I’m glad it crossed my mind that Crutchfield might be having a Black Friday sale and I should go look at speakers,

Oct 18 2017
35s are awful to rotate

Rotated the tires on my dad’s truck, plus checking the fluids because the water and power steering pumps are seeping