Oct 11

Gay libtard here. Burr is so misunderstood by so many of my peeps. His observation on Gay Pride/Black History months was scathing, logical, hilarious and thought provoking. At the same time.

Oct 11

I always have to laugh when some of my liberal brethren mistake Burr for an out of touch centrist, or worse, sympathetic to the right. I always tell them you really haven’t listened to his material then, as it’s obvious he is firmly a liberal that doesn’t suffer idiots, especially on the right. It’s his shtick to come Read more

Jul 24

I know that people rag on Xbox for being the shootin’ and racin’ platform due to their exclusives, but it’s been great to watch Microsoft really branch and support exciting initiatives like this demo event, Game Pass, and backwards compatibility. It’s certainly made the choice between PS5 and XSX much more difficult Read more

Jul 23

Console Launch exclusive is just a way to say Time exclusive without actually saying it, you know what I mean? It’s the whole mind set that $9.99 seems a lot cheaper than $10 when they are basically the same thing. Read more

Jul 22

You’re just describing Future. It’s essentially an open world with no timers, no joystick mini game for graffiti, and much better movement. The camera still has issues but it’s much better Read more

Jun 18 2019

If I had to guess, I’d say that it’ll be their big focus at E3 2020 and then we’ll see it that fall. That’s just a guess, though! No inside info here.

Jun 17 2018

Though Sea of Thieves is far, far from a game for everyone, and I believe is a pretty BAD game to play totally solo, some of my favorite gaming experiences of the past year have been while in a crew with friends in this game. Not random crews mind you, but actually with friends, either in a sloop or on a galleon. Read more

Jun 14 2018

I recommend using Xbox’s built in LFG (looking for group) feature to find a crew of like minded players. You can set your preferences for requiring to have a mic, find a group that doesn’t mind teaching you what to do, etc. I’ve had some great success with it

Jun 13 2018

I know it’s the obvious joke, but it really does seem as easy as cutting all the content from your game and then adding it back over the course of a year so players think you’re being magnanimous

Apr 6 2018

I don’t “look down” at people who play Fortnite, it’s just that the mechanics in that game make the meta very cheap and obtuse. It feels like everything boils down to the famed spambuild-hop-shotgun tactic. Otherwise it honestly does feel like a watered down PUBG to me, “casual” if you will. Read more

Apr 6 2018

Fortnite (welfare pubg) is only popular because its free. If people had to actually pay for it the player base would dwindle. The building mechanic is total garbage and subtracts from the tension of an online shooter.

Jan 19 2017

The flip side is that leaving open questions and trickling out details over the next few weeks will keep us talking about this thing through March 3. Read more