The plan was only thwarted because WalMart doesn’t carry sizes above 5X. Read more

Steve Schmidt destroys Donald Trump! Read more

Lawrence O’Donnell made an excellent point on Twitter last night, this convention was so well done and organized that the old way of doing business needs to die permanently. Older black voters were right, Joe is the man for this moment and that speech was great. The speech from Brayden Harrington was a tear jerker in Read more

The Wasilla Hillbilly is trying for some relevancy. Best to pay her no mind. Read more

Dust is thick in here, for real. Read more

Those are two people that perpetually look as stupid as they are- Palin, perpetually looking like she’s lecturing teens in a Walmart parking lot; Carlson, perpetually confused about what anyone is saying, including himself.
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Man, LISTEN, the lady that sang the national anthem at the Lincoln Memorial. I have to be honest. I shed a thug tear cause Sis did all of that. Wow. I'm literally blown away and I don't mess with the anthem like that but my goodness. Her rendition gave me hope for what the country could be. That's power. It uplifted Read more

I think it was right about the time that a fly landed on Bloomberg’s face that I was reminded what a weirdo that guy is. Thanks Liz.  Read more