Wednesday 3:48PM

No, because I’m obviously writing about him with utter contempt. 

6/08/21 3:33PM

Anyone giving this guy the time of day or writing about him in anything less than utter contempt is a moron.

6/01/21 6:43PM

“Is it possible I’m a moron? No, it’s every single one of my reader’s who’s out of touch.”

6/01/21 6:37PM

I believe this is the same author who thinks AVclub owes Courtney Stodden an apology for ragging on her when she was 16.

5/22/21 1:00PM

Can you explain? This is all very dumb but it seems trivially easy to sell ethereum for cash. As long as they actually convert most of it to USD it’s a very easy six figures.

5/13/21 1:05PM

All of these articles always have some petty absurdities mixed in with the real allegations. The Armie Hammer article mentioned, alongside genuinely disturbing allegations, the fact that he ghosted someone. Read more

4/09/21 7:47PM

I’m extremely confused about why human drivers are necessary in this thing. Sure, fully autonomous cars aren’t ready for public roads with their millions of variables and other cars, but a private, single lane closed road that’s weather free and consistently well lit with 11 other autonomous cars shouldn’t present any Read more

4/01/21 11:00AM

Gender reveal stunts are dumb, but it’s idiotic to blame this crash on one. Private planes and pilots voluntarily make their living by flying up in the air. If a plane goes down while hauling a Happy Birthday or Trump Sucks sign, we don’t blame those things for the crash. If this flight went routinely, we might call Read more

3/25/21 11:54AM

She also looks about 10 years older than her age thanks to some bizarre plastic surgery decisions.

3/24/21 1:14PM

I love Rick and Morty but my least favorite aspect of it is the misanthropic violence, so this probably isn’t for me.

3/23/21 4:24PM

What makes Berkshire Hathaway especially “infamous?” It’s not exactly Blackwater.

3/11/21 4:19PM

I have no idea what they’re talking about. There’s a running gag of a news anchor arguing with his field reporter over the characterization of Qanon followers that implies the anchor supports them. Otherwise, Qanon followers are unambiguously depicted as brainwashed and/or morons. There is no depiction or mention of Read more

3/09/21 10:52AM

Related is the vast overamplification of the professional opinion havers. I’ve never heard anyone offline ever talk about whatever NY Times op-ed people love to hate on Twitter. It’s only ever other professional opinion havers, on Deadspin/Defector or avclub or whatever, who seem to think that their own jobs are far Read more

3/09/21 10:42AM

Not that I’d necessarily bet on that particular douche growing up into an upstanding citizen, but yes, I’d say many people mature into better people between the ages of 17 and 27.

2/25/21 4:01PM

You pretty much admit it, but yeah, that Cubs fact, while sort of interesting, has absolutely no bearing on the current state of MLB’s player diversity and I have no idea what it would bring home other than the fact that the color barrier that existed during the Cubs’ previous World Series appearances was terrible. JC Read more

2/25/21 3:44PM

It was actually disproportionately high in the ‘70s/80s, compared to the US population overall; it’s now 7.8% of MLB players, vs. 13% of the US population overall. As you mentioned, a huge influx of foreign born players of various races (by definition, not African-American) since then has inherently reduced the Read more

2/19/21 4:41PM

People made the same idiotic predictions before the last pandemic special, too.

2/19/21 4:38PM

“If South Park stays true to form” have you seen an episode of South Park in the last decade, or do you just enjoy regurgitating other avclub comment cliches? Even a quick skimming of the wikipedia synopsis for the last South Park pandemic special would reveal you will be completely, totally off the mark. 

2/04/21 4:12PM

It’s on rails, which to me is idiotic. The game itself is based on something you find at amusement parks, I have no idea why they didn’t just use their budget and creative team to make a real life facsimile of the game, i.e. a fancy go-kart track.