Little Time Bomb
Aug 3

I am ancient, and when I was little my Mom would take me to Lord & Taylor for back to school, and then we would have lunch there..which was the best part. I was crazy about department store tea rooms, Bloomies, Bergdorf all had restaurants and it all felt very glamorous to a little girl in the late 50's and early 60's.

Jun 4

Either the author isn’t fluent in Sarcasm, or they have some kind of other issue with Pompeo.

May 31

I called the local News station to complain about their bias in reporting. Some other folks that did this reported a change in tone afterwards.

May 28

Also, why the fuck is their 8 year old looking at Twitter in the first place? These headass whites need to parent their kids for fuck’s sake.

May 25

My parents have a lake cabin back in Maine, where the lakes freeze over in the winter. Not only does the boat come out of the water for the winter, but the dock comes out of the water too.

May 22

Oh my, that’s a lot of soap on strawberries. It’s not kosher to eat bugs? Even accidentally?

May 21

It just seems like she could probably lighten up on it a bit. Like, I don’t know anyone who thinks she’s actually going to meet up with her Hell’s Angel boyfriend once she finishes her shift bartending at the VFW or whatever.

May 20

That’s a strawman, though, because the Politico article does not make the claim that because she had financial difficulty she must be lying about being sexual assaulted. It is about the fact that she seems to have a pattern of lying for personal gain, including lying about her position while working for Joe Biden. Read more

May 20

I’m going to get a lot of hate for saying this but I think the reason a lot of people are bending over backwards to believe Ms. Reade is because the right has effectively weaponize “Believe women” to paint progressives as hypocrites and I think most people could have seen that coming a mile away. Unfortunately, issues Read more

May 20

Wait, what? How are her landlords irrelevant? They paint a picture of a woman who was bullshitting her way through not paying rent, when she wasn’t busy using them for therapy and destroying their property. Yes, Politico provided space about the damaged floors. As they should. This is what she thought of other Read more

May 20

This is exactly right. You don’t need to be perfect to credibly allege that you were the victim of a crime, but it is also completely appropriate to be more skeptical of the allegations of someone with a long history of lying and exaggerating to get things from other people. This article is so disingenuous, and I Read more

May 20

I don’t know. We seem to be bending over backwards to find reasons why we should believe Tara Reade. Mostly centered on “believe women,” a concept I support. And I know that there’s a lot about how “real victims” behave and how damaging that is—so we shouldn’t factor in her character, which is that she’s a lifelong Read more

May 20

I honestly cannot figure out why Jezebel keeps defending this lady. The best investigative journalists have followed up and can’t confirm her story. The Obama campaign vetted Biden thoroughly before making him the VP. They wouldn’t miss this if it was real. Everything about her allegations feel wrong about what people Read more

May 20

I’m not sure this article really tracks with what Politico was doing. To go public with a sexual assault case against a powerful individual requires one of two things: evidence, or a leap of faith on behalf of the public. Read more

May 20

The “aggrieved acquaintances” were but a handful of former landlords. The damning behavior behind the trumpeted claim of dishonesty and wrongdoing? Reade allegedly struggled to pay her rent, and sometimes she pleaded for her landlords’ sympathy. Read more