Jul 7 2016

In several of the Afro-American history classes I took at college we talked about the “chattel principle.” It’s a complex idea, but the short definition my professor gave was that enslaved people had to constantly live with the idea that while their hearts, minds and spirits were their own, their bodies were not. At Read more

Nov 11 2015

The first mission I really needed it at was the Corvega Assembly Plant because there were a TON of enemies there.

Nov 11 2015

“Welcome to ‘This Old Wasteland’ with your host Bob Vila. Today’s guest is Dogmeat who will teach us how to build a ‘Superior Tactical Repeating Shotgun’ using nothing but some old tires, an alarm clock, and a shopping cart”.

Nov 11 2015

You have to craft a...I forget the name, power transformer or something (there are three options, a floor, ceiling, and wall variant, it's a small thing). Attach that to the house somewhere. Connect a wire to that little gizmo and the generator, and your lights in the house will, well, light up.

Jul 20 2015

Simple kindnesses like the ones you and others are recounting about Tommy here get paid forward in ways we might never even realize. During a dark time for me, a writer whose work means the world to me and who I didn’t even know particularly well told me “you’re doing fine and will continue doing fine.”

Such a small Read more