Edie Beale's Costume
3:48 PM

I’ve noticed a weird version of this in some online forums I'm in. Someone will post a question, and people will respond with "I don't have to do the emotional labor of answering this for you!" which is like... yeah, you can just not answer? You could completely ignore the post, but you did this instead??

4:15 PM

But if he doesnt stand in the center (WHERE HE BELONGS AS AN ALPHA MAN) how can he make such a big bold show of how wonderful and gentlemanly he is when moves out of the way for a lady?

12:58 PM

So I live in the deep South where chivalry still lives apparently and this is super common for men to let women on the elevator first (and I honestly kinda like it cause it means there’s like some order instead of everyone pushing to get on), but even we do not do this thing when getting off the elevator. Getting OFF Read more

8:02 AM

omg i feel this personally! like, where is the end of the week? why can’t i find it? Read more

6:18 PM

You guys, I had the best lazy day! I watched Bon Appetit YT videos, took a long, hot shower, and a two hour long nap with Homey and Buster. Oh, and I had birthday cake with my coffee! Now, I’m cooking dinner and listening to podcasts. Read more

12:10 AM

I'm glad you took the time off if you needed it. It seems like it can be a badge of honor to work past breaking and that is a societal expectation that sucks! Read more

12:02 AM

I got a grant to fund my dissertation research which is the first time I’ve been funded to do research towards my diss. I’m completely terrified ‘cause it’s working on a fairly widely used open source project & so it’s gonna be all in public/open for comment to lots of different stakeholders. If I screw up, I’ll Read more

11:46 PM

It’s concert week, and I’m so tired. I really don’t want to be teaching this lab. Mostly I’m just sitting here.  I don’t want to go to our dress rehearsal Friday, I don’t want to have our performance, I don’t want to meet my student tomorrow, I don’t want to write this test, I just want to crawl into bed and read.

11:22 PM

My birthday is tomorrow and the Scotsman has a surprise planned for after work. He’s off and  I’m only working half a day. I’m dying of curiosity!

10:45 PM

The Mr and I did the monthly trip to town for groceries & dog meds.Bye-bye $500. I had a big fat lunch, got wine drunk and returned home for an epic nap. Woke up at 7ish to no power but it’s back now. Now I have a headache, wine induced I’m sure but worth it. All & all it was a nice day. Hope you’re feeling better Read more

10:41 PM

I’m off until Sunday. So there’s that. Just bought the 350$ saw to complete the prep for floor install. We also have company tomorrow for bad movie night, breen movies will be watched. I’m going to make ribs for the event, so some baby back racks going on in the morning.

8:27 PM

Okay, I think the amount she drinks it is similar to yours. Probably worth it. Thanks!

9:43 AM

I know everyone in my small building and say hi to them. Nancy & I sit and smoke cigarettes together, so I have the closest relationship with her. Nora likes to talk to Nancy. Sometimes I'm not in the mood to talk, but I always say hello.