8:31 AM

We traded in a 2011 Sienna for a 2018 Flex Limited and LOVE it. The three kids have their own spaces. Ample charging ports. The glass roof ports are a nice atmospheric effect for the rear passengers. The AWD handles the Western PA winters with ample dexterity. The turbo engine, while no RS6-level, is more than capable Read more

10:15 PM

I tried to hit the load more comments button...

9:45 PM

People don’t want electric cars - they want cheaper cars. This is a temp fix at best to get their numbers up for a little while. EVs will never replace gas cars until they can compete at the same price point. When you have to give money away to get people to buy them they just aren’t competitive.
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9:32 PM

These are usually giveaways to the rich. Nice to see an msrp cap. 

8:13 AM

You’re getting a lot of heat, but I’m in the same boat. I ditched news and sports TV (and really just about all TV) years ago and I’ve never been happier. If we banned cable news networks we’d solve most of our deep-rooted issues almost overnight. You don’t realize how much it affects you and how pointless it all is Read more

5:59 AM

Not sure what your beef is with ESPN, but it doesn’t sound like you are a fan of sports in general. I guess it isn’t for everyone, and I agree that social media is the downfall of a good number of athletes. However, I think the bigger point is that Lewis was trying to promote F1 and not merely himself. It is Read more

1:18 PM

I’ve used my card to pay for gas at the pump hundreds of times. The one time I had to dispute a charge on my credit card (for merchant issue, my card wasn’t compromised) it took less than an hour to resolve. I’m not sure if taking an extra couple of minutes on every fill-up is really worth anyone’s time, versus the Read more

8:02 PM

Look, electric is nice, but the storage methods still have numerous material supply and sustainability issues, not to mention some of of those materials mining processes aren’t all that far off from blood diamonds. Read more

7:51 PM

The quotes from Christian Meunier doesn’t talk about any of that. He’s not expounding on the benefits in performance of EVs. None of his statements are about instant torque or mechanical simplicity being a boon to off-roading culture. They are all literally lip service to the green energy, save the world from oil, and Read more

10:24 AM

I was a teenager when the original Taurus came out. Many people just don’t understand how revolutionary this car was back then, and the SHO was just amazing. I remember test driving a brand-new 5-speed example with my dad when the first one arrived at our Ford dealer. What an incredible car this was at that time. Read more

10:20 AM

There lies a special seat in hell for civvies who drive repurposed police cruisers. Come on down. 

8:32 AM

It’s just to much money. Besides it doesn’t have the Plus package, which is the only reason to pick a Gen 1 over Gen2.