Oliver Baker
Aug 7

You may have heard a song before but can still listen to it for the first time.

Aug 7

Still around. Can’t log in to #kinja with my normal browser, so I don’t check in as often as I used to.  And it seems like nobody’s ever here to talk to... Hackerspace seems to have become some ghosttown where people try to perfect their pitches for MLM scams.

Jul 27

I miss this place. I still skim every spam post that gets posted on Hackerspace...for some reason.

Jul 17

You would rather have these browsers not ask and just turn on all of that for you? It’s opt-in, which means you’re getting prompted, and the cookies is a GDPR thing which is about protecting your privacy. Be glad all of this is more transparent now compared to the days when all of this happened and you didn’t know.

Oct 9

99% of the time, when your bank calls you, it’s to sell you more services.  If there’s a problem with your account, they’ll simply lock the account and wait for you to call.

Oct 9

It’s usually outsourced and standardized (just seeing the word “Brassring” triggers some mild PTSD in me). After hundreds of applications over the years, I’ve just taken to building a version of my resume that’s text-ready for pasting. I’ve never had an application crash on me, they usually auto-save at every page Read more

Aug 22

I don’t know why they don’t list tinder, but aside from Grindr they list 3 other dating apps. I don’t think this is necessarily a homophobic thing.
I can’t imagine why they don’t list tinder unless its just that they assume everyone knows that it is, especially since they mention it in the descriptions of other apps.

Aug 22

Like Snapchat? I get that this is not 2014, but I would bet as many people have heard of Snapchat as Tinder. Or at least close.

Aug 22

I wonder if the list was to help parents recognize apps that they might not necessarily recognize. So in your example, a parent might  know what Tinder is, but not know that Bumble (and Grindr and Skout and Badoo) are very similar apps. 

Aug 15

Dial 911 or 999 on most GSM networks regardless of country

Aug 7 2019

“Show my the calibration record and the measurement uncertainty of said speed detection device.”

Jul 10 2019

Any time I reinstall windows for myself or a relative, first thing I do is come to lifehack and look for these pack/ninite links.

I primarily use Debian so this package manager has a familiar interface - Thanks for making me aware of this!

Jun 27 2019

I prefer KeePass, for the non-cloud-based nature of it. I don’t feel at all threatened/nervous about a potential security breach because there is no centralized repository where my passwords are, merely my local database file. Now, I do (for convenience’s sake) keep that on my Google Drive so I can sync it across Read more