“Nevertheless, the language that was used, and making it so personal, was a level that we have not seen in this sport before.” Read more

In fact... there have been dozens of articles written on this site of McLarens, Ferraris, Lambos and whatnot catching on fire.

it was mercedes that complained because they ignored improving their pit stops because they had a second a lap faster car and didn’t need them.

now that they need them, suddenly red bull is “cheating”

bullshit. red bull has not had _one_ unsafe release in 2 years. you know who have had unsafe releases? all the teams not Read more

If anyone bought a bronco because they could get it with 35 inch tires instead of 33 on the wrangler they were never going to buy a wrangler. I can walk into any dealership near me and buy a brand new jl with 35 inch tires and lift and warranty. Read more

I hear what you are saying, and you are certainly not wrong.
I did this trip for my own personal enjoyment, where-as a lot of locals are just trying to get by.
I have to say the longer I was in Africa the more I connected with the people, and they were always shocked when I would jump out in knee deep mud to help push Read more

I’ve never had any luck with the stuff, so I don’t trust it.
Have you had it work for you?


Thanks, I really appreciate that! More article are planned, I’ll be sure to include more photos and stories.
What topics would you like me to cover?



I honestly think it comes down to driving style & careful maintenance.


The whole point is that if you don’t have big tires, you can’t break axle shafts because you can’t get enough traction.
When was the last time you heard of a stock Jeep breaking drive line components? ... and I should add there that obviously if you go to moab and drive with your foot on the floor you can break Read more

I’m curious to hear about modifications that will increase reliability of the driveline, engine, etc. ?

In over 100k miles through 55 countries around the world I never had a major failure, and in fact I still drive my “Africa Jeep” every single day, even in Canadian winters. It’s got 190k miles on it now, never a Read more

i don’t have questions, just advice. get window socks with magnets for hot nights. make sure you have AC power sorted for computers and whatnot (or get a dc powered adapter). You can by that cheap reflectix stuff from home depot and cut to window shapes to keep out heat and prying eyes. recommend. get a trash solution Read more

Jalopnik is a site about cars and the people that love them. The fucking President of the United States addresses a tweet to people who “like automobiles.” Those are cars. The tweet, again from the President, states things that cannot be proven as true regarding cars and car ownership by Americans. It’s hard to see Read more

There’s equal real evidence for either interpretation. If pressed, I’d say both are total horseshit.

Happy to be of overly anal-retentive service 😁

Oddly enough their facebook post uses the wording “2.2 kg per centre”(emphasis mine) which makes it sound like they’re not including the rim - the barrel of the wheel - in that figure. I really have a hard time believing they got the whole wheel, rim and all, down to 2.2 kg. Most street-rated carbon fibre motorcycle

It is not “dead dirt”. It is a viable and very fragile ecosystem. Driving on it breaks the surface, compacts the ground underneath, and exposes the lower layers to the elements. It takes decades for that damage to heal. Read more

Desert systems are very intricate, delicately balanced. Tracks like these can throw off such a system very easily (see the top soil in Joshua Tree and its impact on the fauna and flora if walked on/driven on for example), damaging a natural wonder for years to come.

And for what? “Cause I can?” It’s not like there’s Read more

Desert sand formations tend to grow very slowly and in areas with very little rain like Death Valley, can be preserved intact for centuries or longer. Though not as spectacular as other natural formations they contain valuable information relevant to fields like geology and climatology because they function as time Read more