I just saw the headline “baby hair” and forgot we refer to Ariana as a literal baby Read more

God forbid someone takes the time to understand the world around them. Read more

Oh that’s an easy one. High School students. Read more

She found the strength to love herself in spite of those 2lb, though. Which are 1lb in each boob, and everyone knows society HATES big boobed women. Read more

Dude, she’s 2lb above normal. Privileged people don’t get to don the labels and then say problematic shit. IF her article didn’t lecture people into having better self-esteem, IF her article didn’t hinge self-worth on fuckability, I would consider giving her a pass. But her whole thing comes off as privileged Read more

You’re over-thinking it. Don’t have kids. Don’t go on a cruise. Read more

This. Oh jeez this. Like when I complimented a woman on her car (it was a very cool car, I like cars) and she smirked and asked me if I wanted a ride.

And I said “Oh, no. I’m just walking, it’s not even a block.”

She looked stunned, and it didn’t click in my stupid head for like a month. Read more

Banned foods include everything that make this wretched existence worth suffering through for another day. Read more

Banned foods include alcohol, coffee, soda, dairy, meat, pasta, starchy grains and refined sugar. Read more

I would just like to say I knew the names of the song’s writers thanks to Sports Night. Read more

This sounds like a story by Flannery O’Connor.
Read more

I originally read this as she survived but also killed her husband. O.o Read more

Too fat and you’re a “land whale”. Too skinny and you’re a “malnourished bird”. Or “anorexic”. That was a popular one at my high school. Read more

I’m not even gay and I would LOVE to be called relentlessly gay. Maybe I’ll change my name on Facebook or something. Read more

Yes, you should give to both trans activism and trans health research! Excellent idea. Read more

FAIL....I literally read halfway through that sentence before posting too... Read more

Oh, inverted nipples. Here's to a lifetime of secretly pulling them to make them stand out before my one night stand sees you. Read more