Nov 9 2017

Okay...this dude is NEVER gonna get a nuclear missile up through a wormhole to an alien mothership when he can only fly 32 mph.

Sep 14 2017

Speed Force. Everything is possible with the Speed Force.

Mar 30 2017

Who’s disappointed that Captain Cold wasn’t voiced by Wentworth Miller?

Mar 6 2017

Walking out of the theater last night, my fiancee stopped me dead by saying that it was her least favorite X-Men movie (this doesn’t mean “the worst X-men movie” at all, before I get spammed with those comments). Read more

Mar 6 2017

Me, after the movie. I will mourn Jackman’s Wolverine for quite sometime. But I’m excited about the possibility of Laura taking up the mantel like she did in the comics.

Nov 28 2016

There’s a huge problem with Bernard being Arnold in that he and Ford were partners in running the park. Yet, Ford’s replica of Arnold is cast as a servant to Ford. This would be like Paul McCartney dying in 1963, John Lennon building a clone of him, turning the McCartney clone into his roadie, and asking fans not to Read more

Aug 12 2016

Hasn’t Jalopnik posted several articles arguing in favor of zipper merge along with lane splitting and left lane passing? Pro zipper merge is an established editorial position of the publication.

Jun 21 2016

Well, we know who came up with the kaiju wall idea... I assume this will clinch the presidency for him.

Jun 9 2016

You just have to go to the ones near all the rich people. It’s not uncommon to see cars of this caliber at Katie’s C&C and (formerly) C&C Irvine.

Jun 6 2016

I’d rather any vehicle be driven, than become a garage-queen. Good on him.