Mar 6

“The Jalop is strong in this one.”

Mar 5

I forgot Genesis has front-door valet maintience, that alone would sway me. Either way I would take this over a base X5/GLE/XC90; more unique and a lot more equipment for $50k

Jan 17

It still doesn’t make up for the fact that diesel is $0.50 a gallon higher than 87 octane most places.

May 20 2019

You are generally correct, but you also got to think about all the apartment dwellers or renters that may not have the same freedom to pull off faceplates or replace their switches. Read more

Jun 10 2016

Here’s the thing. I’m on Android, my wife has an do most of my family. My ten year old daughter has an iPod...and they can all communicate via iMessage, but I’m left out since I’m an Android guy. So yes, it would be fantastic to be able to communicate remotely with my daughter without having to put Read more

Nov 12 2015

Gears of War 3 used adaptive vsync, meaning while it vsynced when holding 30FPS, it dropped it the moment the framerate dipped below 60FPS. Read more

Oct 26 2015

Hope to see a full list of BC games before then. Would also be a really good move for them to put all the BC digital titles on sale that week too.

Oct 17 2015

That was such a goddamn fantastic game. My closest HS friend and I picked it up when it first released for 360, and we marathoned it overnight. The graphics are certainly outdated - it was in that very early stage of 360 games were they basically looked like original xobx games - but the style of the horror still Read more

Jun 15 2015

Castle Crashers, one of the first great indie action games for consoles, is getting a remaster on the Xbox One. It’s due this Summer.